Pharmaceutical Industry Poisoned My Cat + Tips For Natural Flea and Tick Remedies

How pharmaceutical industry poisoned my kitten + tips for natural flea and tick remedies

Hello guys! Long time no see! Can I just say this electricity situation is driving me nuts? I can’t deal with it anymore. It’s been exactly 6 months and we still have at least a few weeks to wait.

I’ve posted a new video a couple of days ago and I really wanted to post it here on the blog, too. But technical difficulties have prevented it until now. Grrrrrr… Well, at least it’s up here now.

If you have pets, please watch this video and please think twice (or even a hundred times) before you choose to use a conventional flea treatment (or any other veterinarian approved treatment). If we try to avoid human medications, why would we treat our beloved pets differently? Please think about it.

My beloved kitten Mikey is very poorly and has been so for more than a month because of a simple, seemingly innocent flea spot-on treatment called Advocate. He’s partly paralysed, can’t use his back legs, and has been sleeping practically non-stop since our ordeal started. He can’t control his bladder or bowels, so he is wearing a nappy. Poor little guy!

He’s been slowly improving, but it’s still a very long journey. Luckily, the prognosis is excellent and he should fully recover, but it might take a few months. Slowly, we’ll teach him how to walk again. We just need to wait for his sleepiness to pass and for his strength to return. Of course, nobody knows how this is going to affect his health in the long term. Let’s just hope that he’ll be fine if we succeed in detoxing his liver properly.

I’ve also got a few natural tips for you if you’re struggling with fleas or ticks. Even if it takes a little bit more effort with natural remedies, isn’t worth it if it means better health for your pet?

Please keep little Mikey The Kitten in your prayers! And if you know anyone using conventional tick and flea treatments, please share our story with them or forward the video to them. We must stop this unnecessary suffering. Our furry friends are built to be healthy, not to be crawling and crying in pain.

Lots of love,

Vita xx

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  1. Hello,
    So sorry about the kitty. We were giving our dog Maggie Trifexis for a short while. It is a heartworm and flea med here in the States. She kept getting UTIS and just was not acting the same. I researched and found other pets have had problems and died because of it. I stopped it and put her on heart guard plus she is doing much better now. We don’t have problems with fleas so far, but definitely will use natural method for fleas. Kitty in prayers!

    • Hi Debs, long time no see! How are you doing? I’m so glad that you found something that works well for your dog. Thanks for your prayers! Mikey is sending you lots of purrs! xx

  2. Poor thing… I can’t believe this is actually happening to so many cats and dogs out there!! I’ve never heard it before but I’m glad I know this now and can avoid it.

    6 months without electricity is an incredibly long time and I admire you for still finding the time and the will to continue b/vlogging. All my strength and good vibes to you, Luca and your fur babies!

    • Gina, thank you for your support! This blog and my channel are my babies and my greatest passion. How could I abandon them? It’s just frustrating that I can’t do it as much as I’d like to. Well, at least it’s a good lesson for me – learning now to get frustrated about something that doesn’t depend on me and that I can’t change. 🙂 xx

  3. Hello Vita, how are you? And most of all, how is he now? Is he improving? I hope he is getting better and I’m strongly sending good vibes for him :). Please, keep news about him when you can.
    I’ve just found your channel on youtube where I was looking for homemade shampoo made with soapnuts and I’m in love about your articles.
    I’ve just started with natural and homemade products a few weeks ago, and I’m impress of how many options we have to change purchasing products and how they are bad for our life.
    Of course at the same time as changing “me”, I was looking things for my baby (my dog Lubian :)) and I was sad seeing your video, but glad to found information, especially that I already had problems with ticks and she is allergic to flea conventional treatments.
    For now, I’m doing some infusion with citronella, peppermint, rosemary and lavender, that for luck I have on my brother-in-law’s farm and it has been working very well. When I don’t have the leaves I use some essential oil too!
    I don’t know if you already had an article about it, but in any case, I’d like to know more about natural homemade products for them (our pets), for instance I wanna know if I can shower them with soapnuts too and how to clean their teeth in a healthier way as possible to get them a long and good life :). Do you know anything about it?

    Sorry for the long message! Congratulations for your knowledge, wisdom and share them with us. Beijos Elen

    • Hi Elen, I’m doing great, thank you! Mikey is doing better in terms of his paralysis (he’s moving his legs more and more), but we have a new problem now. It seems like he has an abscessed tooth because his cheek is swollen and he has difficulties chewing. Poor guy! We’re going to the vet this evening. Let’s see what he says. THank you for your healing vibes! Mikey appreciates it a lot. 🙂

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my articles! I know, it’s so daunting when you start progressing into the natural world. I should really make a video series or blog posts about that. I guess a lot of people would be going through something similar, and I surely did, too! I think the hey is not to push yourself too much and not to try to change everything at one. Baby steps is the way! Do it gradually without stressing yourself too much and you won’t even notice how you’ll effortlessly get there.

      I don’t have any articles about natural alternatives for our pets yet, but after what happened with our kitten I’ll surely look into this topic and will be writing about it. So keep an eye out for that if you’re interested!

      You can totally wash pets with soapnuts or baking soda. It’s much better for them than conventional shampoos. Or you can also use natural soaps, such as pure olive oil soap or Aleppo soap. Regarding teeth, I really don’t think it’s necessary to clean their teeth. None of my pets or my family’s pets have ever had problems with their teeth even though we never cleaned them. It’s just important to get things that they can chew and the teeth will cleanse themselves. My dog Giulietta chews bones and rope-like toys. My cats eat very high quality grain-free dry food (the brand is called Orijen) and their teeth are spotless. Apart from Mikey who came to our life very recently with the teeth already in quite a bad state and really yellow. I wonder what the poor guy ate in his previous life. Well, let’s hope we can heal his teeth like we did with our other cat Sirena.

      Thank you for all your words of support! xx

  4. Please note: Many essential oils are toxic to cats. These include LAVENDER, CEDAR AND EUCALYPTUS. Do not spray these essential oils on or near you cat please. Tree Tea Oil also Geranium are toxic as well. Please research essential oils and toxicity to cats! I too have lost one due to these flea poisons. Just because it is a “natural” product does not mean it is safe!

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right. The essential oils apply more for dogs. For cats, the only safe things I’ve found are Diatomaceous Earth and neem oil. xx

    • Thanks for the tip; re: neem oil. It is very effective. It saddens me greatly about how are beloved cats are being poisoned. I know that is what got her! 🙁

      So sad for you too. Do you still have the now should be cat? If so, how is he?

      You take care and thanks for the reply!

      Story is here re: my late cat.

      • Was it Tammy? I’m so sorry. 🙁 My little Mikey also went to heaven shortly after this video. He developed a massive kidney and lung cancer in less than a month and went from perfectly healthy kitten to a kitten who struggled to breathe and was so emaciated that he was just skin and bones. I’m 100% sure it was the flea treatment. Never again will I ever use it on any of my pets. We’ve been controlling fleas very successfully with Diatomaceous Earth lately, first externally and now we just add it to their food every day and the fleas don’t like their blood anymore. xx

        • It was the one in the picture. Her name was “Jewels”, the sweetest girl I ever had the pleasure of having around. I know it was that poison too! These vets around where I am are all poison pushers as they all promote the big ones … i.e. Trifexis for Dogs, Comfortis for Dogs/Cats and now the not FDA approved Cherstin For Cats which you can buy online too easy! These contain spinosad and spineforam; Trifexis is a two for one spinosad and another ingredient Made in China for heatworm!
          So sorry to read this litte kitty did not make it! This is a tragedy, ever single case. We must keep putting the word out as you are doing. Thank you again! 🙂

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