Our Paleo Fitness and Weight Loss Transformation – From Skinny Fat to Fit

Our Paleo Fitness and Weight Loss Transformation

On the 12th of April, my husband and I are going to celebrate our 1-year anniversary of being on the Paleo diet. I still love it. Although for us it’s a whole lifestyle rather than just a diet, the changes this way of eating brought to our lives are amazing.

Of course, it’s helped us get rid of a lot of annoying health issues, but that’s not the topic of today’s blog post.

Today’s post is all about how it transformed our body on the outside. I’ve never touched this topic before, and it’s time to do it! Being fit and exercising is a huge part of our lifestyle, and I’d like to write more about this topic from now on. Keep an eye out for that!

So here’s our fitness and weight loss story. Or I guess you could also call it our Paleo story. I hope you’ll find it inspiring!

You can also watch it in video format here:

My transformation: from skinny fat to fit

I’ve never been over-weight, but I’ve been so called “skinny fat” most of my life. I looked skinny with clothes on, but if I was wearing anything tight or a bikini, my excess fat was pretty visible. It was all around the belly area (yes, I had love handles at all times).

I also started having cellulite on my thighs when I was 16. I thought it was normal because nearly everyone around me was like that. Boy, how wrong I was! Nearly 15 years later, I now look and feel a 100 times better and am so much stronger. Better later than never, right?

My Fitness and Weight Loss Transformation - front view before and after

This is my progress in around 3 months

My hubby’s story: new love, new weight

My husband had always been pretty fit, but then he moved to London to be with me, and, you know, a comfortable life with a new partner never fails to make people gain pounds. Well, he certainly did.

My husband before the weight loss

This is my husband before the weight loss transformation

But we didn’t realize he was over-weight until he actually lost all that weight. The other day we were looking at some old photos and were completely blown away by his pictures from 4 years ago. Wow, what a transformation! I just knew then that I had to share our story with you.

When we were still living in London, we started going to the gym 4-5 times a week. Even though we were doing intense resistance exercises and going to cardio classes, the fat wasn’t going away.

In fact, we felt like we were getting bigger because muscles were growing underneath the fat.

Us before the weight loss transformation

This is us before our weight loss transformation

My hubby was also riding his bicycle to work every single day (around an hour in total), so he was supposed to be really fit, but he wasn’t.

From high-carb vegetarians to low-carb primal eaters

I guess our failure to achieve the bodies we wanted was partly due tu being vegetarian at that time. We ate a lot of processed meat replacement products (Quorn and similar things), a lot of low fat dairy, and just in general followed a high-carb diet. Looking back now I think we weren’t getting any nutrients at all.

Just before starting the Paleo diet, we also tried the 80/10/10 diet (a variation of the fruitarian diet), and let me tell you this: it ruined my body. Literally. After 10 days on it I was so dizzy I couldn’t exercise any more. We lost all the muscles and any strength we had. I also got two cavities in just 10 days. I think it’s madness, and in a future blog post I’ll definitely explain why.

How we ditched the gym for bodyweight exercises at home

My weight loss transformation - me now

Here’s what I look like now – still need to work on my abs, but I’m pretty happy with the results!

So three years of going to the gym = no results. That’s when we found the best exercising program in the world – You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG) by Mark Lauren. We started following it, and we had great results, but we didn’t experience a serious breakthrough until we started the Paleo diet around a month later. Oh my god, our strength increased so much, the fat just melted off and the transformation of our bodies finally took place.

Prior to starting YAYOG, despite going to the gym for years, I never managed to build enough strength to do regular push-ups. I always performed them the “girlie way” – on my knees. YAYOG taught me how to gradully progress to a full push-up, and two weeks later I could do 32 regular push-ups!

It’s just a book and an app for a smart phone, so it all costs less than 15 dollars, but the results are incredible. I can’t believe I used to spend hours in the gym and got probably 10% of the results that I’m getting with YAYOG (I’m not even mentioning the cost of the gym membership). My husband and I have been shouting to the whole world about this programme. I think our friends and family think we’re a little obsessed, but we love it so much!

32 kg (70 lbs.) lost in 6 months – that’s what I call impressive!

I’d never thought I’d ever see my husband with a six pack. Not even in my wildest dreams. But now he’s almost there! He lost 32 kg ( 70 lbs.) in 6 months. That’s almost 12 lbs. a month.

My hubby's weight loss transformation - 70 lbs. lighter

This is what my hubby looks like now – 70 lbs. lighter

My weight loss wasn’t so dramatic, but then I didn’t really need it. I wanted to lose those annoying love handles and flabby thighs – and I did! I lost 6kg (13 lbs.) and have transformed my body from “skinny fat” to fit.

The weight is a meaningless figure in so many ways, especially when there isn’t much to lose, so I always relied more on my measuring tape and on the way I looked. I didn’t need any numbers on a scale or on a measuring tape to confirm what I was seeing in the mirror: I was turning fat into muscles. And of course I was starting to feel incredibly strong. That’s the most important thing.

How we achieved our body transformation

This is how we did it:

  • Eating more than ever and the best food ever!
  • Not counting calories.
  • We went Paleo, which means we ditched grains, beans, sugar, pasteurized milk (we eat only homemade yogurt, raw milk, raw mature cheese and butter).
  • We also limited fruit to no more than 2 pieces a day. This might sound strange but fruit is what can give me love handles within a few days if I overdo.
  • Not spending hours and hours in the gym – all we did was exercise 2-3 hours a week at our own home using our bodyweight.
  • We occasionally went for a 15 minute sprint (interval running).
  • We also went for a walk every singe day, and went for a long hike around once a week.

My hubby’s weight loss was so dramatic we were afraid it wouldn’t stop, but once it reached his ideal weight, it just stopped. It’s been stable for a few months now.

I’ve got wings!

We were taking progress photos every week for a couple of months, but then we stopped. One day, after around a month, I decided to take a photo of my back.

My dream had always been to have “wings” under my arms. Well, I realized I already had them! Beautiful perfectly defined wings. Who said that having muscles isn’t feminine? Ask my hubby. ๐Ÿ™‚

My wings under arms

I’ve got wings!

So here it is: our transformation that took us around 6 months. I can’t even tell you how much I recommend the Paleo diet and Mark Lauren’s fitness program. They have both transformed our lives. You simply have to try them out.

In the next few months, I’ll get more into detail about what we eat and how we exercise. So if you’re interested, don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. You won’t have to worry about missing a post!

Has our story given you wings? (Not the ones under the arms but those that help you achieve your goals!) I hope so! Let me know if you have any questions about our story, and, if you’d like to share yours, go ahead and write a comment below! Let’s inspire each other.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Vita!! Your transformations are amazing!!! I’ve never heard the term “skinny fat”, but that’s the category I currently find myself in…I can stand to loose some jiggle. I’m not sure I can give up beans though. After I did Raw food for 30 days last summer I felt like a super star…..then I went back into my old ways (which weren’t that bad), but not ideal/optimal!

    Thanks for sharing this part of your journey!


    • I’d also never heard of skinny fat until a year ago. I saw it in some article, and thought “yes, that’s totally me!”. That jiggling feeling was driving me crazy, especially when walking fast or running. I still have to do more to get where I want to be, but I’m already pretty content. Seeing steady results feels good. The cool thing is that we didn’t deprive ourselves of anything. We’ve been eating better than ever this past year: so delicious and so filling! I don’t think I’d ever manage to go back to eating grains, beans or sugar. You should try it for 21 days, and, trust me, once you see the differences in your body and in the way you feel, you’ll be motivated for life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is definitely worth a thought! I was thinking you needed heaps of fruit and lots of gym exercise! Wrong!


    • Fruit is what makes a lot of people gain fat. It definitely is the case for me and my family. After all, natural sugars are still sugars. Intense bodyweight exercises are great. They save so much time and are so effective. Glad you found this blog post thought provoking!

  3. Congratulations on transforming your body. I work out often–even spend weeks at a time with a personal trainer a few times a year. He has always told me that eating would be the biggest part of the body change.

  4. I read your article. I would like to know what the app you use for paleo and also book. Thanks.

  5. Can i share my Transformation from last year with you.
    65 Days and all Natural..


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