Why the Oil Cleansing Method Doesn’t Always Work and Detox for Women

Why the OCM doesn't always work and Detox for Women

It’s time to update you on what’s been happening since I quit the Paleo diet around 3 weeks ago. You can read all about my doubts and thoughts regarding the Paleo diet in this blogpost. To be honest, for the last 3 weeks, I’ve had a lot of issues with my skin, and I’ve also had a chance to learn a lot about my skin and body in general. So I thought I’d share everything I’ve discovered with you today.

You can also watch it in video format here:

Acne came back???

I started eating some grains, beans, lentils and a bit of organic rye bread here and there. I also started having a tablespoon of honey in the morning. I don’t know, maybe all of this was too much for my body after being on the Paleo diet for a year or maybe it just wasn’t right for my body. Perhaps Paleo was really what my body needs. I’m not sure at this point.

My skin went crazy: the acne I had in the past more or less came back full force. I was quite desperate because my face was itchy and painful. I had a lot of spots on the forehead, and I still have three of them healing now. I had a lot of them on the cheeks and jaw area, too. Even on my neck, which to me usually means that there is something wrong with the food.

So it wasn’t nice – it was painful, itchy and uncomfortable to say the least. But I wasn’t too worried because I fixed it once and I was confident I could do it again.

My head and scalp got really itchy as well, and I started having dandruff like in the old days. Everything just went completely wrong. I was also pretty moody and irritated: I’m sure my hubby will confirm that.

A valuable experiment with myself

Even though it was a stressful experience, I took it as an experiment with myself, I guess: it’s just another way to learn more and to help you, guys! Because getting acne again and getting rid of it a second time can give me so much more knowledge than just continuing to be clear.

I don’t know whether it was all the grains, beans and lentils. Or if it was the honey. Or if it was that once ice-cream and homemade cookies I had around a week ago. I’m not sure, but, in any case I’ve cut all of those out of my diet again, and my acne miraculously cleared within around 5 days. I’m so relieved! Now I just have a few red marks or scars that need to heal. My skin is more or less back to normal and I am really happy about that. I still struggle with some spots on my neck, though.

Could candida be behind this?

This whole experience taught me one important lesson, and it’s priceless for me: it was totally worth going through it. It kind of dawned on me why a lot of people fail with the Oil Cleansing Method. If people eat a standard diet or even the so called healthy diet but with a lot of grains and beans (lots of carbs), that kind of diet feeds their candida.

I know it’s a bit of a controversial topic, not everyone is a believer. But think about it for a second: most of us have taken a lot of antibiotics in our lifetime, a lot of women take the contraceptive pill – all of those disrupt the natural balance in the gut. What happens when it gets disrupted? Often, we get candida overgrowth.

I know I’ve definitely had them all my life because I had a lot of antibiotics in my life ( I was a weak child, I guess) and I was on the Pill for 10 years. I always had issues with my digestion, constipation, white tongue and many other symptoms associated with candida. The Paleo diet kept it dormant for a year but, once I stopped doing it, the candida came back full force.

My skincare was exactly the same as for the entire year. Of course I was still using my oils, but suddenly everything stopped working. I started getting a lot of spots, I was super oily and flaky at the same time. I had no clue what was going on.

Could this be the reason why the OCM doesn’t work for some people?

A lot of people with acne have something called Seborrheic Dermatitis or Seborrhea. It’s fungus overgrowth on the skin, which is closely related to candida. It manifests itself by itchy and flaky skin on the forehead, around the hairline, around the nose (especially nose crease) and the chin/jaw area. If those areas are spotty, itchy, flaky, dry and tight feeling, yet oily, you probably have it as well. I was first diagnosed with it when I was 16, so I know it’s always been my problem. If you also have itchy scalp, hair loss or dandruff, then it’s definitely something that you’re going through as well.

For somebody with Seborrhea, oils might feed the fungus on the skin and it might just get worse. So that could potential be the reason why some people fail on the Oil Cleansing Method.

So what to do if candida is causing your acne?

Well, in my opinion, the only way is to really watch your diet and maybe try to eliminate grains, beans, sugar, all the processed foods, white flour and similar things from your diet. Just to see if that helps.

It’s definitely helped me and I think that oils alone would have probably never sorted out my acne without the help of the diet overhaul. Beauty and healthy skin definitely come from within, so no matter what you use on your skin, if you don’t fix your guts, if you don’t fix your health, your skin is not going to get better.

What am I going to diet-wise from now on?

I’m not really going back to Paleo completely, but I’ve decided to do something in between the regular Paleo and the raw food diet. I guess it’s like Paleo on steroids. 🙂

I’m going to be eating less meat (especially red meat) and much more fish. That’s how I started the Paleo diet a year ago but gradually moved to fattier and heavier meats. I guess it must have been the primal diet’s influence on me. I’ll still eat some raw goat dairy, and I’ll also eat a lot of raw vegetables with a bit of cooked starches .

Detox for Women

I decided to try this diet after reading a book called Detox for Women by Natalia Rose.  I finished reading it a few days ago and I really liked it. It think it’s really smart. Hence, I decided to use the meal plan provided in the book (as long as I can source all the ingredients).

This detox is kind of Paleo because it doesn’t allow eating beans or legumes, but it does involve some pseudo-grains like millet, quinoa and buckwheat. There is a lot of green juice and raw vegetables, which is what I love the most. I don’t know if I’m going to do that for my whole life but I definitely want to try it for 30 days.

There are 5 things that I really like about this detox program:

  1. It involves a lot of juicing: green juicing and vegetable juicing. I’m not a big fan of fruit juicing because of the excess sugar you get from fruit juice. But green juice is awesome, and I’ve been really liking them in the morning for breakfast.
  2. I also love that the program includes just two big meals a day, which is perfect for me. I don’t like eating too often. I like keeping my digestive tract empty throughout the day, so it can rest and cleanse itself before the next meal.
  3. I love the fact that during the day you just eat raw vegetables and juice – very light things. So you don’t get that afternoon energy dip, you feel light and full of energy, you can work. That’s brilliant for me! The biggest meal of the day with cheese, meat or fish is in the evening, which works perfectly for me and my body.
  4. I really enjoyed the explanation about the slow exit foods and the quick exit foods. I always felt that instinctively but I didn’t really know the theory behind it. The quick exit foods are things like vegetables, fruit, fish, raw goat dairy, as well as healthy starches like sweet potatoes, beetroots, carrots, etc. Then there are slow exit foods, which basically take a very long time to exit the digestive system. Those are red meats, processed foods, sugary foods – things like that. It’s better to avoid them because they tax your system a lot.
  5. There are also slow exit food combinations – combining foods properly is a very important thing. I’ve always known that it’s not good to eat meat or fish with starches in the same meal. But I was always too lazy and I always combined them. Of course I felt super heavy and sleepy afterwards! This book explains so well why it’s not a good idea to do it. It also explains the correct sequence of eating in a meal: how you need to start with a salad, then move on to fish, meat, etc.

I think it’s awesome and I can’t wait to see the results. Today is my Day 4 on this diet, and I’ve been documenting the whole process. I’ll be posting videos of every single day, just to show you what I’ve eaten, what my face looked like and what I felt like during the day. I hope you’ll find it interesting and helpful if you’re thinking of doing something similar.

You can watch my detox diary here.

As I said, I don’t know if I’d like to eat like this forever, but it’s definitely a nice thing to try. I’ve always wanted to introduce more raw food in my diet, but I didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know many recipes. This book is giving me lots of ideas and lots of new recipes. I’m excited!

You can get Detox for Women by Natalia Rose from Amazon. I totally recommend it!

I also wanted to thank you all for your support after my last video/blogpost about rethinking the Paleo diet. I’m so relieved that you understood exactly what I was going through. It means so much to me! To tell the truth, I was really worried that you’d stop reading my blog and you’d hate me because I’m not on the Paleo diet anymore. But it’s been great, you’ve been so supportive. Thank you very much for that!

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  1. Dear Vita! I keep my finger crossed for you and your struggles ! 🙂 I am following you from some time as I want to finally get rid of my acne. step by step I have changed my face care routine and diet. There are days of totally doubt as I cannot see the rewarding results so far. I am confused with the OCM, with cleaning my face without water but at the same time I recall the time before I discovered your methods 😉 when my acne was coming back and I was looking for more and more products. So I keep doing as you recommend. Your latest posts about rethinking paleo just show me that you are true and honest and it just helps me stick to the chosen road.
    Do you have some special way to heal red marks and scars ? I have a lot of scars (earlier I cured and light them with vit. C and special creams or used tamanu oil, tea tree oil) but now when I do primal skincare I am afraid that scares will stay on my face. I am the more stressed as in two weeks I am going for holidays and want to feel good with no make-up.
    Do you think that coconut oil will be good as a cosmetic after sun ? Or maybe you have different idea ? 🙂
    Best regards, Gosia.

    • Hello Gosia! Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me! 🙂 I feel exactly the same when I try something new and it seems to be working but then a few days later there is a setback again. It’s hard work discovering what’s good and what’s bad for your body, but it’s worth it – nobody else is going to do it for you. I don’t really use anything special for red marks and scars. In fact, a week ago my face was full of spots and now there is almost no mark of them. I find that leaving my skin alone, not washing it and using oils when necessary is the best way for my skin to heal super fast. Be careful with coconut oil: some people absolutely love it, some people have crazy reactions to it. It seems there aren’t any neutral opinions. By the way, one of the best oils for regenerating skin and reducing scars is rosehip oil. Have fun on your holiday! Where are you going? I’m sure you’ll look as gorgeous as ever! xx

  2. Hello! Thank you for the answer. I want to use coconut oil just for the body instead of body lotion, at the beginning it is very fat but in a moment it is nicely absorbed by the skin. I have got the rosehip oil in my fridge and use it from time to time as my face moisturaizer. Hmm it is really difficult to change my previous skincare habits. I am going to Greece, Crete. I was thinking earlier about Canaries but the journey would be too long for my children.

    • I think out of all the oils coconut oil is the most popular one for the body. And it protects from the sun. Can’t really go wrong with that one. Crete is nice! I haven’t been to Greece yet, but I’d love to go one day. I know the flight to the Canaries is really long. From Poland it would probably be around 6 hours. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere has its drawbacks I guess. 🙂 We can’t really just jump on the plane and go away for a weekend break so easily, for example. But I’m not complaining, there are so many more benefits. Have a lovely holiday! xx

  3. Such great information in this post! (all your posts actually!!) I appreciate your openness
    and willingness to share so honestly with all your readers – Thank you!!

  4. Raissomat says

    Hy Vita, I’m sorry about your struggles! I hope this will lead you to a deeper knowledge of your skin/body’s needs. I made two candida detox diets in my life, one following up the other. I very rarely took antibiotics or medicine in general all my life, but I was on the pill for 5years. If you do it right the diet works like a charm. I feel like it is in Good balance now, but I keep eating “pretty healthy” to this day. I ate lots of beans on the diet though…and it sounds funny to me that a bit of Rye bread feed your candida so strongly. Sounds like there is something else there?! Interesting. The OCM still works great for me after three months and no special dietary restrictions, I get the few hormonal pimples around my period, but they leave after a few days..they don’t bother me, I’m not looking for perfection. Keep us posted! Best.

    • Hi Raissomat, indeed this has been the most valuable experience ever. I think candida is just a symptom, it’s not the root cause and I’ve possibly found the root cause. We’ll see! So glad the OCM still works great for you! It works great for me again, too. My skin is totally back to normal now, actually better than normal, so I’m pleased. 🙂 Will definitely share everything I’ve learned as soon as I can! xx

  5. I’m so glad that you are seeing this situation as a positive learning experience. It is so upsetting to think your skin is finally under control and then finding out it isn’t. I have experienced that before for sure. Wow, Vita. Your post just blew my mind a little. I had never heard of candida before. I’m wondering now if maybe candida is the cause of my acne. I don’t have many of the symptoms that you described (such as dandruff), but I have been on antibiotics many times (for acne, of course), and I also did a round of accutane in high school. I have been on the pill for about fourteen years now. I also used to get a lot of yeast infections when I was in high school and college. I even had a dormant one for a long time once and didn’t even know it because it never flared up. I only found out about it after having a routine pap smear. I am always super cautious about not doing anything that might cause a yeast infection. So I wouldn’t be shocked if candida were an issue for me. I will definitely get a copy of the detox for women book. Even if candida isn’t specifically the culprit, it is obvious that diet has more influence on our skin than we would think, and I need to just put on my big girl panties and realize that I can’t just eat whatever I want without paying a price. For some people, eating a typical American diet might result in weight gain or constipation. For me, however, the negative result may be this chronic acne. And I do have a generally healthful diet already, but perhaps I need to make some more extensive diet changes in order to keep the acne at bay. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, informative, and honest posts.

    • Hi again, Roxanne! 🙂 Yes, it’s frustrating when you think you have control over your skin and suddenly it freaks out. But I wasn’t concerned too much because by now I know my skin and body too well, I know how to fix it. My skin now is better than ever, so I guess it was all just a very valuable learning experience for me. Yes, candida is really common as most of us have used antibiotics numerous times, and the Pill is a huge contributor, too. I believe more than just candida alone, it’s overgrowth of all kinds of bacteria and parasites in the body. Just an unbalanced flora. Which is what I’ve been focusing on the last couple of months, and it’s working beautifully. I don’t know if I’d recommend Detox For Women, I think there was too much raw food in it, it just made me constipated. I think there are better books out there, such as The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife or I Quit Sugar (which I think I mentioned to you before). A good diet is really important if you want to keep it under control, and a tablespoon of sugar or a cake could definitely throw everything off balance while you’re healing. Eating healthily is delicious and super satisfying. A book I would highly recommend to anyone is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. It’s a bible of traditional food preparation (for example, soaking or sprouting grains, lentils, beans, etc., fermenting vegetables or making sourdough bread. It’s full of simple but delicious and good for you recipes. Can you feel I’m obsessed with it? 🙂 Glad you find my posts helpful. Thanks so much for the kind words, and good luck with everything!

      • Thanks Vita! I will definitely look into those books you mentioned. I am just starting to navigate the world of holistic living, and I really appreciate your advice. Take care!

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