Frittata with Red Peppers and Chorizo – My Favourite Primal Breakfast

Picture of My Current Favourite Primal Breakfast - Frittata with Red Pepper and Chorizo

Following a primal diet means that we start most of our mornings with a breakfast containing eggs. I admit it could easily get boring, so we constantly try to reinvent the humble eggs: we fry them, boil them hard or soft, scramble or poach them, make omelettes or frittatas with various vegetables.

However, recently, I’ve discovered a little twist to the frittata that made all the difference and turned it into our favourite breakfast dish. We can’t get enough of it!

Generally, I try to avoid bacon because here in Spain it’s impossible to find it without all kinds of artificial additives, preservatives, etc. The same applies for all hams, salamis, chorizo, etc. People living in the US or in the UK don’t know how blessed they are having a wide choice of natural products.

However, recently I discovered a sort of chorizo called Chistorra from Navarra (in the Spanish Lidl, if anyone is interested). It’s very thin and long with completely natural ingredients. So, that’s the star ingredient of this frittata, but really any natural chorizo or salami will have a similar effect.

The recipe is super easy, suitable for those mornings when you are in a hurry. Preparation and cooking time don’t exceed 20 minutes. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to recreate the frittata for two people:

Picture of ingredient List - My Current Favourite Primal Breakfast - Frittata with Red Peppers and Chorizo
Firstly, melt the butter in a frying pan, then add finely chopped garlic. Cook for a minute on a low/medium fire, then add chopped red pepper and chorizo. Cook for a few more minutes until the pepper softens.
Picture of Ingredients - My Favourite Primal Breakfast - Frittata with Red Peppers and Chorizo

In the meanwhile, mix 4 eggs with fresh basil (use your fingers to shred it) and salt/pepper. Pour it over evenly distributed peppers and chorizo, cover the lid and cook on low/medium heat until the eggs solidify.

Picture of Frittata with Red Peppers and Chorizo cooking in the pan - My Current Favourite Primal Breakfast

Once the frittata is cooked through, remove from the heat, and let it set for a few minutes before transferring to the plates.

Here you have your primal grain-free breakfast with enough energy to last you until late afternoon. Enjoy!

If you try this frittata, let me know. What’s your favourite breakfast?

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  1. That looks easy and delicious – as well as being healthy – and I shall have to try and not eat it all myself!!

  2. I have a problem with cholesterol. My last doctor’s visit my doctor told me I needed to lower it or my next visit he was going to put me on meds, which I do not want. I hate taking medicines. I have been doing cardio exercises two times a week, yoga on Fridays and strength exercises on Tuesday or Thursdays. I have been following a eating plan in Giada’s Feel Good Food, and in eating those foods have noticed a difference, but the only exception is unlike the Paleo diet there is whole grain or wheat pasta. I am willing to give Paleo a try I have until next month to get my cholesterol down and have been working on it since February/March time frame. I have lost 10 pounds so far. But, some of the ingredients are hard to come by in the book and the amount of cooking time is what gets me off track at times because I do not have time to go to excessive lengths with cooking even though I love to cook when I do have the time. Any suggestions for cholesterol?

    • Debs, I don’t follow the Paleo diet anymore, so I must confess I’m pretty confused right now. There is so much conflicting information about everything. A lot of people seem to be having lots of success in lowering the cholesterol with the Paleo diet, but others don’t: my mum’s cholesterol increased, in fact. From what I’ve read, it seems that the worst thing for cholesterol is sugar, and by that I mean not only actual sugar but also high glycaemic foods, such as refined flours, refined oats, milk, white rice, potatoes, etc. I think the Paleo diet has a lot of good points, and it would probably be more or less perfect combined with some wholegrains, beans and lentils. And it’s really not necessary to use expensive exotic ingredients. Moderation and simplicity are definitely the way to go, in my humble opinion. xx

  3. Vita,
    I am sorry, I saw the pics of you all following the Paleo and thought you all looked amazing! My doctor is from India; maybe it is the red meat? He told me only fish, chicken and turkey. I have been trying my best to steer clear of the red meat, potatoes and pasta he also said was not good, white rice (brown is better I use chicken stock when cooking it instead of water). Habits are hard to break as I am a country girl who loves her potatoes, and I love Italian so it is hard to keep away from the pasta. What caused you to go away from the Paleo if you do not mind me asking? Thank you for replying so quickly!

    • Debs, we stopped being strictly Paleo two or three weeks ago. I think a lot of Paleo rules are great, most grains are really inflammatory. However, beans and lentils can be a healthy addition to the diet occasionally. I also don’t think it’s necessary to eat that much meat, especially red meat. I just felt like I was getting blocked and really slow by the end. I think your Indian doctor is totally right: I’m also planning to stick with mostly fish and some chicken or turkey. Red meat will be a very occasional treat. Let’s see how that makes me feel. I talked more about the reasons why I stopped eating Paleo, in this blog post. It was mainly the bad magnesium deficiency that made me first start doubting the whole thing. Then I also started having really low energy and mood swings/low moods. I know it’s not a normal state for me because I’ve always been a very balanced person who is pretty difficult to upset or irritate. Well, lately I’ve been irritated a bit too much. Last night, I read an incredible book called Detox For Women by Natalia Rose, and it totally made sense. It kind of explained to me why I failed on Paleo. I highly recommend it. xx

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