Miracle Morning Changed My Life – Day 60 Results (Tweaking It To Keep It Fresh)

The Miracle Morning keeps changing my life. I still see so many things to improve, but I understand that progress doesn’t happen overnight. As long as I keep moving in the right direction, no matter how slow, I’ll keep going. So overall I’m still enjoying The Miracle Morning a lot, but I also must constantly work on keeping it fresh. My curious mind really doesn’t like monotony (thank God!).

Hope you find this update interesting and inspiring! Love you lots!

Simply yours,
Vita xx


  1. Joy Curry-Torka says

    Wow…you are saying all the things I am saying. I want to improve my life and it is those small steps that all add up till we reach where we want to be. Then we start a whole new path to a whole new goal. Keep it up. Love listing to your journey.

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