Meet My Furry Babies + A New Addition To The Family!!!

Meet my furry babies + new addition to the family

Today, I thought I’d introduce you to my three furry friends. You might be wondering: why three? I’ve always had just two cats? Well, around a week ago we got a new baby in the house, and that’s a little doggie!

I’ve posted some pictures of the doggie in my Instagram account this week, so some of you might already be familiar with her cute little face. If you’re not friends with me there yet, join me! I post pictures of my daily life, so, if you’d like to know me on a more personal level, let’s connect!

If you’d like to see my furry babies in a video, click Play here:

So here’s my doggie Giulietta!


Her full name is Giulietta Sprint Veloce – just because my Italian husband is quite crazy about classic cars, he wanted to give her the name of a classic car. Sprint Veloce means Sprint Fast, and she’s a hunting dog, so she’s pretty fast. We thought it would be an appropriate name. Or my husband thought so at least…

We got her a week ago when she was 3.5 months old. She was rescued from horrible conditions by a lovely German family. They found her when she was only 4 days old, locked up in a shed with 4 adult dogs. Things like that happen in the Canarian islands all the time because Podencos (she’s a Canarian Podenco) are primarily used for hunting. The stupid hunters think that in order to make the dogs hunt better, they’re supposed to be beaten up, tortured, starved and kept in the dark… Basically, they’re treated as tools rather than living animals.

¡Giulietta 2

We weren’t planning to get a puppy just yet, but when we heard about this little girl, we couldn’t resist. She’s super playful, hyperactive at times, she loves biting and licking my hands (and legs), and she’s been a bit of a challenge in terms of house training. But we can’t really be angry with her for a long time – she’s too cute!

Giulietta is going to grow quite a bit bigger. She’s 13.5 kg now, and she’s going to be around 23-24 kilos, so quite a big dog. Officially, it’s a medium-size dog, but it’s really thin and really tall, so it looks much bigger than it is.

It’s a pity that locals here don’t really know this breed because they’re usually just kept in cages for hunting: they don’t really see daylight and they don’t meet other people. Everybody keeps stopping us on the street, asking which breed she is and telling us how beautiful she is. I’m sure that the best way to fight this torture and horrible behaviour with these dogs is just by educating people and making them aware of this amazing breed that they have on the island but they aren’t aware of!

OK, let’s move on to the kitties! Keep reading if you’re wondering how they came to this house. None of our animals were bought, we rescued them all.

This is Mr Jimmy!


Yes, he’s not Jimmy anymore. He’s now Mr Jimmy! A few days ago, we celebrated his first birthday, so he’s officially not a kitten anymore. 🙂 Here in Spain we call him Señor Jimmy.

This kitty is so beautiful but he’s slightly overweight, so we’re keeping him on a diet. Hopefully, soon he’ll be back to his normal weight. When we found him, he was seriously malnourished, and since then, he’s never been able to control himself when confronted with food. Poor kitty!

We got Mr Jimmy from the bushes – he was living with a family of homeless cats, and he was one of  many kittens in that generation. Unfortunately, he was really sick. Every time we passed by the bushes, we kept an eye on the kitten, just to check how he was doing. One day, we found him just sitting there not being able to move at all, his eyes were completely shut with pus, he had a really bad infection, couldn’t breathe properly, was choking, had a really blocked nose and a bad cough. Not only was he seriously sick, but he was also badly malnourished. We think that his mom probably abandoned him because she thought he was going to die. That’s what happens in the animal world. If a mum cat thinks it’s not worth trying to save a kitten, she’ll just stop feeding him or her in order to feed the other kittens that are healthier.

Anyway, we grabbed Mr Jimmy and brought him to the vet. He said that if we had waited for another 24 hours, he would have probably died. I’m so happy we saved this little guy! At first, we were planning to just cure him and find another good family for him. But then we fell in love and we just couldn’t imagine living without this white kitten anymore. So we kept him!

We also saw how he affected our cat Sirena, she became so much calmer and more loving, and just so much better overall, so we decided that a little brother would probably be quite nice for her. Mr Jimmy was also a symbol of hope because, when we found him, it was a very special moment of our life: when after a long time of being in a dark tunnel we finally saw light at the end of it. So for us, he definitely was a symbol of our new beautiful life, and there was no way we could give him away.

And this is Sirena, our third furry baby!


Actually, she was the first pet we ever got here. Her name is Sirena because she cries a lot, and when she does, she kind of sounds like a siren. She has an extraordinary voice. Also you know Sirens from the Greek myths? The beautiful women who sing beautifully in order to seduce sailors? Yes, that’s what she is. 🙂

Sirena is a Snowshoe Siamese and, as a Siamese, of course she talks a lot. She also likes going for jogs or walks with us. I’ve inserted a little clip of her running with my hubby, so you can see what I mean if you watch the video. She’s just like a dog really. She’s also really loving to her little brother, and I hope she’ll be the same with Giulietta one day – for now they’re not friends yet. But I hope that will change.

Sirena’s life before she met us wasn’t happy either. She was living with bad people who were treating her really badly. She was more or less homeless. She was also allowed to have kittens every 4-5 months, so she was badly malnourished. She even had a couple of teeth missing, even though she was only 3 years old when we found her!

We decided to rescue her, and moved to another city with her. We’ve had Sirena for 1.5 years now, she’s super healthy, super fit, and I couldn’t really wish for a more beautiful and better behaving cat. She’s just amazing!

She also likes being outside. She’s a total free spirit. She spends most of the day hunting lizards, while the other kittie Jimmy just spends all day long with us, literally following us everywhere like a dog.

Now that we have Giulietta, I’m not sure how the dynamics in the house is going to change but I hope they will soon be running around the house playing together. I think our little animal family is complete now, I don’t think we’re going to get another animal any time soon.

Hope you liked my little introduction to my furry family! And of course I hope I’ve made you smile by showing you these cuties. If you have any pets, then please tell me in the comments about them: what animal they are, how old they are, what they look like, what their name is, etc. I’d really love to know!

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