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My holistic June favourite

It’s time to talk about my June favourites. The first time I talked about my monthly favourites was in April, and for some reason I only made a video, but no corresponding blogpost. Hmmmmm… weird! If you missed it, you can watch my April Favourites here. Last month, I decided to do a Favourite Natural Beauty Products Tag instead of my monthly favourites. But this time I’m back with quite a few amazing things, rituals and people that I enjoyed last month. I’ve also included some new categories, such as favourite YouTuber and favourite blogger.

So let’s get started!

1. Sweet Almond Oil As an Overnight Mask For My Hair

cold pressed sweet almond oilMy first June favourite is cold pressed sweet almond oil. I’ve been loving it as a pre-wash mask for my hair for two reasons:

  • It washes off really easily.
  • I usually leave it on overnight, but If I leave it on for just 30 mins or an hour before washing, it still works really well and leaves my hair so soft.

Honestly, it’s the best oil I’ve used for my hair so far. I also like using a drop or two for the ends in the evenings, but I think I prefer using jojoba oil for that.

2. Dandelion Tea for Clean Kidneys

My second June favourite is dandelion tea. It’s actually really cheap here – I got a huge bag for just €2.50. It’s wonderful after meals because it helps you digest better and helps your kidneys to detoxify and cleanse themselves. It makes you pee more, which helps flush all the toxins out. If you have acne, it’s wonderful because healthy clean kidneys are vital for getting rid of acne and for maintaining healthy skin in general.

Another reason why I like dandelion tea so much is because it reduces water retention, which means it helps get rid of that bloated belly or face, undereye bags, etc.

I put a teaspoon of dried dandelion in a cup of boiling water, seep it for 5 minutes, and enjoy it. It’s slightly bitter, but I kind of like bitter things. According to Ayurveda, the majority of people nowadays don’t consume enough bitter foods or drinks, so it’s always a good idea to have some.

3. “Coconut Oil Miracle” – An Eye Opening Read

51pjHYRXYwLIn June, I loved a book called “Coconut Oil Miracle” by Bruce Fife, who is also known as Mr Coconut. He’s the world’s leading researcher in anything to do with coconut. I’ve always loved coconut, both externally and internally, and this book explains how traditional cultures in Polynesia, South Asia, Africa and South America (more or less the whole South hemisphere)  live on coconut. It makes a huge part of their nutrition, and they don’t really have any health issues like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, tooth decay or acne. They’re truly healthy.

You could say that perhaps their genes are superior, but that’s not the case because, when they expose themselves to the modern diet, they experience all the health problems that Westerners have. Bruce Fife thinks their extraordinary health is due to the fact that they consume a lot of coconut oil (and other coconut products).

Coconut oil is great for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is that it helps remove parasites and bacteria from your body.  “Coconut Oil Miracle” goes into detail about why bacteria and parasites are bad, and what they do in your body, and how coconut oil fights them.

At the beginning of the book, it also talks about the history and why coconut oil never became a mainstream remedy for everything in the West. Obviously, just like everything else that’s natural, it doesn’t bring in money for the pharmaceutical industry, so they will never pay for any surveys, experiments or tests to prove its efficacy. It’s all about the money, just like everything else.

It’s definitely a worthwhile read. I highly recommend it..

4. Diatomaceous Earth

Yes, I’m talking about Diatomaceous Earth again. 🙂 I just love it so much! This is already my second order as I’ve already finished my first batch. Originally, I got it just for worming my pets. But after researching it online, I realized it’s super good for humans as well. It’s great for getting rid of parasites, but it’s also a huge source of silica, which most of us are deficient in. It’s wonderful for healthy teeth, nails, skin, hair, and a well functioning body in general.

I take around 2 tablespoons every day. Generally, with tea, and, honestly, it doesn’t even taste bad. I’ve been doing it now for 1.5 months, and I’ve definitely seen a lot of improvement in the quality of my skin, dryness has disappeared, and my teeth aren’t sensitive anymore. It’s definitely helped so much.

My pets have totally got rid of all the parasites as well, so if you are looking for a natural worming treatment, look no longer! My cat Mr Jimmy used to have a snotty nose and eyes all the time, but it’s completely disappeared since he started taking the Diatomaceous Earth. I’m impressed!

5. Organic Cinnamon Powder for Blood Sugar Control

My next favourite is organic cinnamon powder, and I love it so much because it’s one of the most powerful ways to regulate blood sugar. Blood sugar spikes are one of the main reasons for acne and a lot of other health issues. Cinnamon slows the absorption of food into your body,  which slows down the increase in blood sugar, and, as a result, insulin spikes are reduced.

Thousands of people have reported that the humble cinnamon powder has cured their acne. My skin has been extremely clear lately anyway, but I can say it definitely makes my energy much more stable after eating. Generally, I get really tired and sleepy after eating, but cinnamon has kept me stable and reasonably full of energy.

I make a cup of tea and add 1mg of cinnamon powder in it with a tiny measuring spoon. I do it 2-3 times a day. I also like adding it to my yogurt. It works really well, and I love it.

An important point to mention is that cinnamon powder or any spices you use should ideally be organic. All the spices in supermarkets are irradiated, which means most of their health benefits have been lost. I haven’t transitioned all of my spices yet, but I make sure at least the ones I use for therapeutic purposes, such as cinnamon or turmeric, are organic.

6. Pumpkin Seeds

Another thing I loved in June is pumpkin seeds. They taste amazing, and they’ve been my obsession lately. I love them for a lot of reasons:

  • First of all, you might already know that they get rid of parasites. Oh yes, I’m talking about parasites again. 🙂 It’s a bit of a recurring topic this month.
  • They’re extremely high in magnesium, and, as I’ve been struggling with a magnesium deficiency, I’m glad to get some more in.
  • Pumpkin seeds are also very high in zinc, which is very important for a healthy immune system and healthy skin.
  • Finally, they also help regulate insulin, so that’s another great thing if you have acne, diabetes or just fluctuating blood sugar during the day.

7. My Favourite Blog

Let’s move on to a new category for this month, and that’s going to be my favourite blog. I’ve been obsessed with a blog called Playtivities.com, which is run by a friend of mine. It’s all about activities for your kids without spending any money, making DIY toys using things in your home.

It’s wonderful because it makes your kids so much more creative, it makes them appreciate what they have so much more. I’ve always been bothered by heaps and heaps of toys that modern children have. When I was growing up, I didn’t have it because I grew up in the horrible dark times of the USSR. I didn’t have anything. I probably had one doll, and that’s it. That doll was the best toy ever just because it was the only one.

Sometimes having just a few things is much better for us, adults and kids, than having lots of different things. If we can recycle old things in our home, that’s even better!

Definitely check that blog out, it’s amazing. I don’t even have kids yet, but I read every single post. I guess I’m preparing myself mentally.

8. My Favourite YouTuber

Finally, let’s talk about my favourite TouTuber this month, and it’s Catalina from Paleo Star. She’s actually one of my most loyal and one of my oldest viewers. She started a channel about Paleo lifestyle, and I love it because not only she shares amazing Paleo recipes of delicious food, but she also talks about her chickens, her garden, skincare, and a lot of different topics. I think she’s great, and she’s going to go far in YouTube land.

So please show some support! Go and visit her channel, subscribe to her, let her know that you came from me, and I’m sure you’re going to like her channel as much as I do.

So these are my June favourites. I hope that I’ve given you some ideas on things to try. As always, that’s my aim – to inspire you to try new natural things. A holistic lifestyle must be exciting, otherwise what’s the point? I hope you enjoyed reading it.

You can watch a video version of this blogpost here:

What were your favourite things or rituals in June? Let’s discuss!

Lots of love,

Vita xx

Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. I only recommend things that I absolutely love myself, and they’ve all been bought with my hard-earned cash.

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