You CAN Improve Eyesight Naturally with 6 Simple Exercises

You CAN Improve Eyesight Naturally with 6 Simple Exercises

Welcome back to Luca’s Friday Corner, (I know it’s Saturday, but we were late because this post took longer than we thought) where my hubby Luca shares all of his manly knowledge about cooking, health, and anything to do with holistic living.

When I first heard about the possibility of improving eyesight naturally, I had the same reaction most of you are having at this exact moment: “that’s just impossible!”. But this topic remained in the back of my mind and I started researching it as soon as I got home. Turned out that it’s not news: there have been many studies and books explaining how to do it.

We decided to get a book, and the one we chose seemed to be the one with the most serious approach. It’s called “The Secret Of Perfect Vision” by David de Angelis. I checked its reviews (as I always do): the only negative ones were about its awful English, being translated unprofessionally from the original Italian language. We decided to give the book a go anyway and we got blown away by its revolutionary content.

The book is written by an Italian lawyer, who was myopic himself and was determined to regain his eyesight naturally instead of opting for the eye “crutches”. He succeeded! The book is written as an academic research paper with many references to various academic studies, as the topic is quite “hot” and the author, not being a qualified doctor, had to back all of his statements up. I really appreciate that.

If you’d like to watch a video version of this blog post (with slightly different content and made by Vita), just click Play here:

For troubleshooting and answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding these eye exercises, read here.

So can you improve eyesight naturally? The answer is: yes, you can!

We decided to follow the guidelines in the book and started seeing results almost instantly. I’m writing this article because using this method I managed to reduce my myopia from -5.25 (left) and -4.75 (right) to respectively -3 and -2.50.

To explain better, I went from seeing absolute blur at 10ft far away to being able to go out without glasses during a sunny day. That’s quite a result!

And best of all, it didn’t take that long – just around 6 months. During that time I had to change my glasses twice as they were becoming too strong.

So if it’s possible to improve eyesight naturally at home, why do they still sell glasses?

I will leave you with Dr. Lee Anthony De Luca’s words. He is an ophthalmologist who wrote the following as a foreword for “The Secret of The Perfect Vision”:

“Worldwide, famous scholars have been doing research on refractive errors and especially on myopia for years. Unfortunately, a great deal of medical literature has always paid more attention to correcting visual defects rather than looking for their causes and intervening against them. Much work in ophthalmology development today has been dictated by economic interests, so that the greatest scholars have withdrawn from research on alternative methods that could control and even prevent the onset and development of myopia.”

Economic interest. Many things in this world (if not everything) are led by this.

How we start wearing glasses

The theory behind it is that the eyes get accustomed to the environment: if we prevalently read books or stare at the monitor of a computer or a tablet, we are very likely to see well from close and see worse from far away. This can be a temporary myopia, but, worried about it, the optician will simply prescribe “leisure” glasses that we will end up using all the time, making our eyes accustomed to them.

It’s a vicious circle, and from the first time you wear glasses, you are very likely to be a slave to them forever, unless you do something.

Eye bulbs change their shape thanks to muscles, and if we don’t use them, they just get smaller and not strong enough to do their job: they sort of atrophy. Not only do prescription glasses make life too simple for the muscles of the eyes, but they also diminish the field of vision drastically (unless one is wearing hipster-style huge glasses). They will make you turn your head in the direction of the object you want to look at (instead of simply moving your eyes) in order to have it perfectly in focus through your spectacles. In this way, the eyes move even less, and we also lose peripheral vision.

Contact lenses and laser therapy

When people get tired of spectacles and don’t want to use them anymore, they turn to contact lenses. These make things even worse because the eyes have to live with the correction all the time. Most certainly this WILL affect your eyesight.

As for the laser therapy, we have to think in a similar way: if we act on fixing something without eliminating the root cause, we will very likely end up with the same (or similar) problem somewhere down the line. It’s more or less guaranteed that you will need reading glasses as you get older after a laser eye surgery. Is it worth it?

Even if it is marketed as a definitive solution, there is simply no proof that the laser treatment will fix things for ever, as there is not enough historical data to proof it.

You CAN Improve Eyesight Naturally with 6 Simple Exercises

How can you improve eyesight naturally at home?

The book explains that in order to get your eyes back in shape, you’ll need to do eye exercises, just like we train in the gym to be fitter. Plain and simple.

At the beginning, you’ll need to do just eye stretching exercises, with the purpose of strengthening the various muscles in the eye cavities and inside the eyes.

Please have a look at this video for full instructions and a lovely demonstration by both Vita and me (just go to 8:54 for the exercises) 0r simply click here:

After a while, you will also need to start another exercise. It’s called de-focusing – it will force your eyes to look through underpowered glasses (if you are near-sighted) or overpowered glasses (if you are far-sighted) in order to increase the strength of the ciliary muscle. It is the muscle that modifies the shape of the lens of our eye to put objects in focus.

If your prescription is too high, you can wear the under/over powered glasses over your standard spectacles to reduce their strength, and if your prescription is around 3 or 2.5 dioptres, you can do without glasses at all. I know it sounds crazy, but it does work.

You should read a book at a distance where the writing is barely in focus. After a while, you will get accustomed and you will need to increase the distance to bring back the blurriness. Just watch the video below for full instructions.

Limited, but constant sessions will bring back your eyesight little by little, and the amazing thing that will make you go forward is the “glimpses” of crystal clear eyesight in which everything is perfectly in focus. They happened both to Vita and me, and it’s an amazing experience: once you understand that with the next few blinks your eyesight will be back to the normal blurriness, you won’t want to blink your eyes, I promise! These moments of exceptionally good eyesight will start becoming more and more frequent until your eyesight is “healed”.

We are not there yet, but we’re working on it.

How will you know if your eyesight is getting better?

You CAN Improve Eyesight Naturally with 6 Simple Exercises

When we were living in London, we stuck our Snellen chart on the perfectly backlit garden door.

That’s easy! Just download a Snellen chart, hang it on a well-lit wall or window and try to read its letters. You should be looking at the chart from the distance of 20ft (6.1 m). The smallest line you can read marks the acuity of your eyes.

When you are at the opticians, you look at this chart one eye at a time, but that’s because they need to know how strong the lenses have to be for each eye. In practice, you will never look at things with only one eye, so the binocular view (with both eyes) is more important to you.

Keep track of your results and bear in mind that your eyesight may vary depending on stress, tiredness, hunger, etc. But remember to check your eyesight using the monocular view when you need to order your next pair of glasses.

If it’s that easy, why don’t people do it?

It’s easy, true, but… Firstly, most people don’t know about it. Then, the vast majority wants the solution “now” and prefers the least challenging way out.

When we read the book, we tried to explain this technique to many friends. We tried to discourage relatives from the odd idea of having a laser treatment, but absolutely nobody ever followed us or took us seriously. Everybody kept saying, “Fine, do it yourself. If you get results, then I’ll follow.” Well, the results came. But nobody ever joined us.

Then, mind you, it’s easy reading how to do these eye exercises, but it takes a great deal of willpower, courage, perseverance, and trust. When we started doing it, we were dragging each other, doing it as a couple has been so much easier. So if you can find a partner in crime to do it with you, do it!

And we also failed to continue as after quite a depressing period living with my parents in law in Lithuania we stopped doing eye exercises altogether for almost 2 years. The good news is that the 2 dioptres I got back remained. I also kept using my glasses in a much more intelligent way: I was wearing them just when needed, not all the time.

These eyesight improvement exercises will make you change glasses faster than ever

You can see results reasonably quick. Checking my old pictures, I saw that within 3 months I was already wearing my new glasses, and 3 months later – a weaker pair again. If you need reading glasses, the supermarket ones are reasonably good and very cheap.

But if you need different prescription glasses for seeing far away, the standard retail shops may put a huge dent in your bank account: when you need to get a new pair every three months or so, it might cost you a fortune. At the time when we went through glasses like cupcakes, we found a brilliant website and we got all our glasses from there ever since.

While I always bought the bottom of the line ones because I was going to change them in 3 months or so anyway, they also have more expensive designer frames. They are based in Hong Kong, but when we were in Lithuania, our 2 pairs of glasses came from the UK. This may be useful for some, as there are countries (like Italy and Spain) in which the customs behave in a protectionist way, making you wait for months to get a parcel coming from the Far East and worth $10 or so…

For all the readers in the US, I know that also there you have cheap online stores, so finding cheap glasses shouldn’t be a problem for you.

I hope I’ve managed to convince some of you to try all of this out. I’ll be honest: so far in our real life we’ve never managed to convince anybody to try yet. 🙂 Please be brave and jump in! You won’t regret it.

For troubleshooting and answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding these eye exercises, read here.

If you do give these eye exercises a try, please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to know how your journey to a clearer and sharper world is going!


Disclaimer: because I am not medically trained, all the information I wrote in this blog post reflects just my personal experience and is a synopsis of the content of the book I mentioned and that I highly recommend to read. Please check also the Author’s website and forums. If you are having serious eye problems, please see an eye doctor.




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  1. So, do the exercises without my contacts in, right? Will definitely try first thing in the morning. Thank you. Actually, my left eye went to a 1.75 from a 2.00 I don’t know why, so in my right eye I have to wear the 2.00. I always wear contacts, and yes, I went as long as I could without wearing glasses. Never had problems with my eyesight til my late thirties almost forties. My night vision started going first. I knew it had a lot to do with my studies and reading all the time my eyes were stressed. I noticed when looking up from reading my vision kept getting blurrier and blurrier and I tried to focus, but could not. So, definitely going to try these exercises, and yes, Vita you are correct, in the West no one ever mentions eye exercises. I will have to send this to my son as well who is in the service. He has been thinking of getting lasik. I told him not yet he is to young to wait. So, going to send him this and let my daughter know as well. My hubby will just think I am the mental LOL!

    • Hahaha! Another reason for your husband to think you’re going crazy! 🙂 I’m sure he secretly loves you for that, though. Studying and reading really stresses our eyes so much. It’s important to rest your eyes by looking into the distance every 30 minutes or so. Exercising helps so much, too. I’m so glad I didn’t go for the Lasik surgery when some of my friends did. I’d rather not see perfectly and give myself a chance to fix it naturally, than for sure to need reading glasses when I get older I hope your son and daughter will give these exercises a try! xx

  2. Paola Fuentes says

    Yeah, my eyesight really sucks.

  3. I have a question: how long should I wait (after I start doing daily eye excersizes) before I begin “de-focusing”?

  4. Thanks so much, Vita!

    I’ve already started my eye excersizes (hooray!) and after a few days I could feel my eye muscles. (But in a good way, like when you work out and you can feel your muscles.) I understand where de-focusing could be overwhelming for my eyes right away.

    Thanks again! I just recently found your blog and it has been really helpful so far. Thanks so much for replying, some bloggers don’t do that, and I really appreciate those that do!

    • Hi Katie, so glad you started your eye exercises! Yes, it’s an incredible feeling when you start feeling your eye muscles for the first time. .-) I always try to reply to everyone, and sorry it took me ages this time, but we’re living without electricity now for a couple of weeks, and it’s not easy to keep on top of things. xx

  5. Hi Vita and Luca! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, this is very helpful. I’ve been doing eye exercises in an attempt to heal my myopia and astigmatism for 5 years now (off and on), but haven’t seen any improvement yet. I’m doing the Bates Method, which focuses on relaxation of the eye muscles (doing palming, sunning, looking far, massaging the face, shifting, and stop wearing glasses). It’s quite time consuming (several hours a day) and I got discouraged. Ironically, I think I’m actually trying so hard to relax with all those exercises that it just cannot work! Your exercises seem easier with faster results and that gives me hope again! But I’m so afraid to fail again… So I was wondering, have you only been doing those stretching and de-focusing exercises 30 minutes every other day in order to get results? Or have you also been doing some of the Bates exercises at the same time (I saw that you were talking about looking far every 30 minutes when you read, which is one of Dr Bates’ recommendation). Are you also doing yoga, meditation or EFT? Anyway, I’m passionate about the natural vision improvement topic and I’m glad I found your blog and testimony of someone who succeeded! Please do update us on your vision improvements! Cheers – Laetitia

    • Hi Laetitia, I’ve never really read anything about the Bates Method, so I can’t really say much about it. But thinking logically, if you’re trying to relax, usually your body produces an opposite effect (unless you’re very much in control of your body, most of us aren’t). So I can totally relate to your experience. It’s like saying to someone to relax when they’re stressed. It’s not easy and might stress them out even more! I try to look into the distance from time to time while reading not because it’s part of the Bates Method, but simply because of common sense. It seems logical to remind our eyes from time to time that there’s more to their functions than just doing near-sighted work. We don’t do yoga, meditation or EFT (although I really want to start meditating). However, one thing we did sometimes after exercising was cupping our eyes in the palms, looking into the total darkness and trying to visualize perfectly clear vision. I’m a huge fan of visualization, so I really enjoyed doing it. Not sure if it actually made any difference, but I guess it can only help. We haven’t done any other exercises apart from the ones I mentioned here and in the blogpost. Good luck! You can totally do it if you believe you can Remember, it’s all based on what you believe! xx

  6. how to know that i have to change my glasses

    • You can try to drop by 0.5 diopter straight away, and then once you start seeing perfectly again, it’s time to drop again. xx

      • Hi vita !
        I also think that wearing specs of a lower power than what has been prescribed is benefitial but , I have read that this only weakens your eyesight further. And that is why i have always been afraid to do so. Can you pls help.

  7. can i improve without defocusing

    • A bit you probably can, but the improvement will be limited. If you avoid wearing glasses or use weaker glasses, you’ll already get a kind of “natural” defocusing exercise. xx

  8. Hi Vita, I really liked your video and I wanted to ask a question coz I just got diagnosed with -1 power in both eyes and its kind of freaking me out. I have a lot of computer work – say 12 hours in office and I have been told to keep wearing them while working. Is this a good idea? Considering that I do these exercises everyday in the morning and start getting some results, should I proceed with another checkup and stop using glasses while working? A little color here would be very helpful! Thank you.

    • Hi! Do glad you liked my video! 🙂 Don’t worry too much, your myopia is still very, very light and wearing glasses really isn’t necessary. In fact, if you do, you have all the chances to make sure your eyesight keeps getting weaker. Especially, because computer work is a near-sighted work. If you wear glasses that are meant to be used for seeing in the distance for looking at the computer screen, your eye muscles will keep deteriorating. Just try to do these exercises and make sure you rest your eyes every 30 minutes or so while you’re working with a computer.I’m not an eye doctor, so obviously this is just what I would do. Grab your eyesight by the horns while it’s still almost perfect! xx

      • Vita, it’s only a week but it has worked!! 😀
        I have removed my glasses and seeing improvement every single day. I realized that my vision improved after I was able to read a scroll on the television at work and see the clocks clearly which I could not last week. Besides, my eyes feel stronger now after doing the exercises. I have also incorporated carrot juice and orange juice in my diet and having those every single day! It has become a part of my life now. So happy that I stumbled across your video. Just can’t thank you enough 🙂 These optometrists are fooling people all around!!
        I hope the improvement sustains and becomes better with each passing week.

        • Luca and I are both so happy!!! Yes yes yes, that’s exactly the kind of feedback we want to hear. We really hope your improvement will continue! xx

          • Vita, one quick question for you.
            I just started reading the book mentioned in your video and noticed how often the author suggested use of “training glasses”/”Leisure glasses” as part of near sight work. He also went ahead and called for the use of +1 D glasses for a light myopic power of say -0.5 D so that the eye doesn’t succumb to accommodation stress when working near sighted.
            Did you guys explore this during your exercises? And if yes, would you like to comment as to how much effective this could be for me (a light myope) in curing and “preventing” further deterioration. In nutshell, since I am in front of a computer/book/phone for like most part of the day, is it advisable to wear glasses with slightly positive power?

            Appreciate all your replies and guidance till now. It’s working like magic.

          • I used +1 glasses for defocusing exercises, but definitely not every day and not for all the pc work or reading. I only did it for 30-60 mins every other day or so. My husband did it without glasses because his eyesight was much weaker. Perhaps if you follow the author’s recommendations, you’d get even better results. I can’t really comment on that. But it does make sense. Hope I’ve answered your question! So happy you’re seeing results! xx

        • Oh yes, that’s exactly what I was wishing to hear. Thanks a bunch for the prompt reply!

        • Much obliged to you Vita, for sharing your knowledge, & motivating all of us to approach our well being from a more holistic approach. I will be having a look at some of your other content. Moreover, am eager to stay tuned to this page.

          Vibhav you mentioned that your occupation has a critical aspect of exposure to light. Ayurveda & natural medicine recommend Kajal, & Ithmid. Which reduce the damage of the exposure significantly. Thus adorning your eyes with either of those would not only clean your eyes & prevent any ailments of the eyes but mitigate any damage that could result from your job. =)

          May you remain exultant!

          Blessings <3

    • Hi Vibhav,
      I would also add to make sure that the monitor you work on is placed correctly in the room (it shouldn’t be in front of a window, or the window shouldn’t be just behind your shoulders) and be sure that you have appropriate diffused lighting of a proper color temperature (3000K circa). This will tire your eyesight much less. Good luck, keep us posted!

      • Hi Luca, thanks for letting me know that! My monitor is appropriately placed and there’s a considerable improvement as I have written in my comment above. You guys rock! Hope you come up with more videos!! (y)

        • Hello Vibhav,
          thanks, we are really glad that it’s working out, I am sure that with your low prescription you’ll be back on track reasonably soon!

        • krushnakant says

          I managed my eyes approximately to -2.5. For de-focusing which power glasses should I use??

          • Hi! I’d say +1.00 or perhaps even no glasses at all. Try to read without glasses: if your arms aren’t long enough to see the text, blurry, you need reading glasses. xx

  9. Hi Vita,

    Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. It’s brilliant! I have been reading about the Bates method for about 15 years now and I fully stand behind everything you said in your video. Over the years I have managed to reduce my prescription slightly, at least my eyes haven’t gotten worse like prior to experimenting with the Bates method, but I am still waiting for a major breakthrough. I have read the book you are talking about and have tried it, unfortunately, it hasn’t led to any major improvements, but I still think that it’s a great book. One of the best I have ever read on the subject! My case is very similar to yours, but unfortunately, it turned out like your friend’s, since my parents made me wear them. 🙁

    Do you have any recommendations for me?

    • Hi Regina! I’ve already replied to you on YouTube. I really think that perhaps the missing link is visualizing and really believing that you can improve your eyesight. Perhaps try to use positive affirmation regarding your eyesight and try to meditate imagining yourself seeing objects clearly without glasses. It’s something we both did while we did the exercises, and I don’t know, it might be one of the things that helped us. xx

  10. Krushnakant says

    I tried eye exercises for one month but not seen any results in diopters why??

  11. Thanks so much for posting this video, I am very intrigued and am going to start my exercises right away. I have recently been considering eye surgery because I hate wearing my glasses but I’m tired of not being able to see. I wanted to ask your thoughts on bi-focals? I was prescribed bi-focal lenses once I hit 40 because all of a sudden I required reading glasses. I HATE wearing my glasses all the time and very rarely do. I find that just wearing a pair of reading glasses when I require them works quite well for me on most occasions so I question why I need my prescription glasses at all? At this point, I most definatly need to wear glasses to read (especially when my eyes are tired). Should I just give up completely on my prescription glasses and do these exercises only using my reading glasses? I appreciate any advice you have to give.

    • Hi Elizabeth! If you only struggle reading, but see fine otherwise when you are going out and about, I think you could ditch the bifocals. Personally, I think they are just a better way to make money for the industry. They are so expensive. By the way, take your glasses off completely for the stretches. xx

  12. Hi Vita,

    First thanks for the video! I got a +6.5 at each eyes + astigmatism! I start the exercise yesterday and wonder! Since I can’t see anything at all(it’s always blur no matter how far or close I’m from something) should I try to remove glasses when I just walk or when I do nothing! Because most of the time I must put my glasses on to see! I put my old glasses to force my eyes to ajust. Finaly according to my prescription I’m at the beginning of the extreme of hypermetropia. Do you think I can hope a good improvement? I’m pretty optimist, since the humain body is capable of plasticity, but just wonder since I had glasses since 5 or 6 years old !!

    P.S I tought of the new spherical laser the correct hypermetropia up to 6, but I search for an altenative way, mostly because it is no natural and it was like 4000 $ which I don’t have !!

    • I think that at the beginning it’s important to strengthen by exercising and then if you start seeing better, you can try a weaker pair of glasses. If you just take then off and everything is a total blur, it won’t help your eyes learn to focus. Just be patient and go slow. Hope it makes sense.

  13. Hello Vita and Luca,
    Thanks a lot for this article, I am really happy to hear others talk about eye exercises. Because when I first started talking about eye exercises everybody thought I was crazy. Actually, I found out about eye exercises a couple of months ago, back then I was -5. I don’t know where I am know, but I have been wearing weaker glasses (-4) so that I am still able to work and also have been doing the eye exercises. The weaker glasses don’t seem as weak as they were when I first started wearing them, but I still can’t see perfectly with them.
    I have two questions and would really appreciate it if you could help me out:
    1. To check my eyesight at home: I mark the line at the chart and then how can I know how many diopters these are, like -4 or -3 etc (only distance is written on the chart)
    2. For defocusing: you mean if I am nearsighted, I should wear + glasses, like if I am -4 I should do the exercises with +2 glasses ?
    I would really appreciate your help and any other tips that would help me improve my eyesight to where it was when I was 9 years old, that’s when I started developing myopia, and I used to listen to what my parents told me and never took my glasses off 🙁
    Thanks again.

    • There are conversion tables online where you can convert the distance to diopters. For defocussing, if you are -4, you should do it without glasses. Reading glasses would be necessary from around -2.50 or -3.00. Good luck and please keep us posted! xx

  14. Hello, Vita!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience of improving eyesight naturally with us. Looks so convincing, I really want to try it. I’m around 25 years of age, nearisghted with -3.00 on both eyes right now unfortunately.. been wearing glasses since around 2002 as a little 12 year old. I can’t wait to try the eye exercises soon. I’m exactly around -3.00 on both eyes since March of 2009 until now, still -3.00, I’m positive I’m still there, because my eyesight has not gotten any worse since then. I think because I have maintained a healthy diet throughout those times to this present day, my vision has remained rather strong and exactly the same. Anyway I just bought a pair of +2.00 glasses that looked really similar to the one I’m using. So basically if I understand correctly, I would have to use the +2.00 glasses during the defocusing exercise, right? Hmmm. okay, so if I were to start like.. say, absolutely right here and now.. Obviously I would have to stop wearing my glasses and immediately start with the exercises every other day, keep on going without wearing my glasses, cope with the some bluriness here and there, until my visions improves and I can see perfectly, right?? Really sorry if I am asking some bad questions here lol. I think I’ll have another look at your video. I am so absent-minded and forgetful sometimes, my apologies lol. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to post the video, and this blog up, Vita!! I believe this will work for me! I have a lot of faith! I mean I’m just -3.00 on both eyes, which that isn’t really that bad, right? I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how long do you think it’ll take me to get to say– -1.50? And until I reach 0? I’m guessing maybe.. approximately one whole year for a complete healed vision, right? Ah.. I wonder how I’m going to deal with some blurriness during the day and life.. just have to get used to it, right? Hopefully my eyes will improve very fast day by day after exercises..

    Thanks again, Vita.

    • Hi! I’m so happy that you found this blog post because coupled with your healthy diet, you can achieve amazing results. Plus, you’re still young and your myopia is still mild. You have all the cards in your favour. You don’t have to stop wearing your glasses completely because obviously during the day there are a lot of moments when you need to see perfectly, like when you’re driving or you’re at work. But surely you can take them off for at least an hour or two a day. A great option would be getting slightly weaker glasses for the majority of the day, such as -2.00 or -2.50. You would still see enough to do your daily activities, but your eyes would get a little workout. I think you can reach -1.50 in around 6 months, but of course nobody can say for sure. For the defocusing exercise, see if you can manage to read a book with +2.00 glasses. If the letters are too blurry even if you put the book quite close, you might need to get +1.00. But try it out for yourself, +2.00 might be perfect. By the way, a couple of days ago I uploaded another video with some troubleshooting and answers to most frequently asked questions. You might want to check it out to clarify things even more. Good luck, and keep us posted please! xx

      • Thanks a lot for replying, Vita! 🙂 I really appreciate it.

        Okay sure thing, I’ll see if I can adjust things out when I need to. I’ll be sure to give updates when the time comes around after every month or so. I actually got some big errands coming up that requires me to see clearly using my glasses, so maybe I’m actually gonna start at a later time and once finished, I’ll post an update. 🙂 And I’ll definitely have a look at the new video you uploaded.

        Thank you again for replying and the help, Vita! 🙂 Have an awesome day.

      • Oh yeah, one more thing. What about the CYL (Cylinders)? Looking at my prescription, it’s both at -1.25 for my right and left. Do I also have to bump it down as well? Or it’s best to keep it the same? I’m planning to get -2.00 with -1.25 CYL like on my prescription.. is that a good idea? Thanks, Vita.

        • Hi! I also had astigmatism at around -1.00, but I left it out completely. You can either do that or lower it to the minimum. I personally found that astigmatism was the first thing to go. xx

          • NeonAera says

            Hi, Vita!

            It’s me again. thanks for the responses. By the way, I left out CYL and also “Axis” both to none completely and the only thing I’m left with is a lowered SPH -2.00. This is the right thing to do to get off to a good start, right?

            Thanks, Vita! I’m gonna go with this and see how it works out.

          • Yes, sounds perfect. Let me know how it goes! xx

      • 🙂 A little update! Woo hoo! I just got my +2.00 reading glasses from mail already. I’m able to read a book pretty nicely at 16″-17″ inches distance from my eyes and book. So that’s good news right? 🙂 Hmm, by the way, the reading glasses have this little small square magnifying areas on the bottom.. is that going to pose a problem while doing the defocusing exercises? Thanks, Vita! 🙂

  15. I´ve been doing these exercises for about a month and my vision is more blurry and tired, I tested my vision and it was 20/50 in the beginning and now it is 20/+200 hopefully my eyes just need more time and they´ll get better these month, can´t wait to get a better vision, thanks!

  16. NeonAera says

    Hello Vita!!

    Well hello there, how do you do! It’s been a while. Hope you have been doing great. Okay, time for a little update! So I barely just got my -2.00 glasses and putting them on.. wow.. somewhat blurry!! Of course, it’s what I expected; looks like I’m going to have to live with it while doing the exercises until I see clear with them, right? Then move on to -1.00. 🙂 Phew! It’s honestly somewhat difficult for me to see words clearly at a distance.. it’s not that bad, but I am definitely able to see things better than not having glasses on at all;

    Alright, so here’s the thing.. I’m going to take some college classes very soon! I plan to choose a seat that is close to the board just to help see the board more clearly, but darn! I’m really worried about not being able to see what the prof. writes and presents on his/her on the board clear enough and afraid I won’t do well in class that way.. However, I have an idea; do you think I can just swap to my -3.00 glasses for the entire class session, then immediately once I’m done with the class, just put back my -2.00 glasses back on? Or is that waaay too much strain and it will cause my eyes to worsen back to -3.00? Or will it “slow down” the progress to get my eyes to -2.00? If it’s going to slow down improving my eyesight, I think I’m okay with that as long as I’m still making progress. What do you think?

    Thanks, Vita! Talk to you later soon.

    • NeonAera says

      Hello Vita,

      It’s me again.

      Alright, so I took the plunge and just started the eye exercise this afternoon! Phew, it was sure quite a workout indeed! for some reason looking down all the way with eyes closed was hardest for me because then my eyes would open a little bit. And I started to sweat a bit after the stretches! Planning on doing it again later during midnight. Currently now wearing -2.00 and boy, it’s somewhat hard getting used to it right now for me.. since I’ve always been looking at things clear with -3.00.. Can’t wait to see results within a couple months.. gonna try and stay vigilant about he stretches; after one month, I’m going to incorporate the defocus exercise.

      • Hi again! Yes, it’s normal for the eyes to open a little bit when you look down. It happens to me, too. 🙂 The sweating is the craziest part of it. It’s as challenging as any fitness workout, isn’t it? 🙂 Good luck, and keep me posted! xx

    • Hi! Of course you can put your regular glasses on when you need to see something important. It won’t slow down your progress, as long as you don’t wear them for the majority of the day. Yes, it does look blurry with weaker glasses, but it’s incredible how quickly your eyes adjust. How are your eyes doing now? By the way, I’m sorry for a late reply. Life has got on top of me and I’ve really been struggling to keep up without electricity. It’s getting frustrated beyond any reason. 🙁 Hopefully, it will get sorted soon! xx

      • NeonAera says

        Hello, Vita!

        How have you been! Ah, no worries! Really sorry to hear about the power issue! That must be truly irritating.. I can’t imagine being out of power for weeks. I’ve only had perhaps a couple of days of no electricity and it was crazy for me!

        Anyways, so far, I’ve done 11 stretching days exercises so far; 2 times per day every other day since May 12th. Have not missed a single one. 🙂 I’ve also gone long periods without using my glasses in addition to a really healthy diet and just using my eyes. My vision has definitely gotten stronger, I think. There’s like these half blurriness and half clearness to the objects I view.. I feel like my range has definitely improved. I remember when I was watching TV when using the -2.00 first time.. it was kinda blurry, but now, it’s much much more clear. My eyes feel like they have gotten more and more used to the stretches too, because I can’t seem to feel the pain anymore from going out as far as I can with my eyes. Do you think it’s a good time for me to do the defocusing exercises now that my eyes have gotten used to the stretches? Should I just wait it out until June 12th? By the way, are the things I’m experiencing normal? Talk to you later on.

        Thanks Vita, for responding. I hope the electricity comes back very soon for you guys!

        • Hi! Thanks for the update! We’ve been doing well. The weather has been glorious, so living without electricity isn’t so hard now. I wouldn’t add the defocusing yet. Wait until you’ve done stretches for 4 weeks. It’s better not to force things too much. What you’re experiencing seems very much like what we did when we started. I can’t wait to hear your results down the line! Good luck! xx

          • NeonAera says

            🙂 Awesome. Okay, sounds good! I’ll do the defocusing later on down the line when the time is right. Thanks for getting back to me, Vita.

          • NeonAera says

            Hello there, Vita!

            I’m back! Time for a little update! 🙂 It has been about a week already. It’s been one month and a day for my eyes so far! I believe it has gotten better. My eyes might be around -2.75 or a little less by now, I think! I haven’t really gotten any flashes of perfect vision as of yet however, unfortunately. Might take longer for me to experience that. I can’t wait. 🙂 Now, ah, I’m here because today I just started the defocusing exercise! And darn… it’s not really working for me… By the way, I got a new pair of +2.00 reading glasses that uses up all the space this time (it doesn’t have a small area of -2.00 on the bottom or anything) and I tried the best I could to try defocusing using a book.. and it was really rather difficult.. I followed the steps you explained by reading a magazine a little bit up close, but seeing the words slightly blurry; and then your eyes get used to it, then you start seeing the words clear and perfect again and repeat for 30 minutes, right? My eyes just doesn’t really focus at all to the point the words become perfectly clear.. 🙁 Although every time I blink my eyes seems to focus better but they go out of focus again.. but I think that’s because when I blink, I squint my eyes with a bit of force causing my eyes to focus instead of doing it on it’s own. Should I avoid defocusing for now since it’s not working for me currently and just continue the eye stretches every other day anyway? Will I still continue to see results even if I do that? Thanks!

          • Hi! Sorry for a late reply. Life has been keeping me busy lately. Have the perfect vision flashes happened yet? If they haven’t, don’t worry. As long as your eyesight is getting better, it doesn’t really matter if you get them or not. Hmmmm, I don’t know what to say about defocussing. You shouldn’t squint, just try to focus without squinting. Maybe try stretches alone for a couple more weeks and see if it happens? Perhaps you’re holding the book too far where it’s impossible for you to focus? Try to bring it a little closer. xx

          • NeonAera says

            Hello, Vita!

            Oh, no worries. It happens to me as well. Sometimes we all get caught up in life and cannot reach out back in time to reply, so I understand. 🙂

            Well, since I wasn’t able to do the defocusing that well at all and struggled with it, I simply continued the stretches every other day; it’s the only thing that seems to work for me, I suppose. They actually still seem to hurt, but not in a serious, bad way. The pain is like going to the gym and working out sort of pain.. I hope I am doing them correctly! Do I have to immediately stop after feeling any pain? Or just go along for a full 10 seconds with it even if it starts hurting starting at 3 seconds after looking as far away as I can with my eyes?? By the way, I start seeing these very faint-looking blue glitters while my eyes start to hurt.. is that normal? Anyway, so yeah! 🙂 I’m definitely still planning to go strong with the stretches. Give it a couple more weeks like you said and then I’ll try defocusing again. I hope things work out for me! I’ll see if I can give ya an update again later.

            Thanks for getting back to me!

          • NeonAera says

            Hello Vita,

            Time for a little update. Well, two months and two days in for me with the eye exercises w/ stretches.. and.. I gotta admit, it’s been tough!! But I’ve been perfect with the stretches so far without missing them. At the same time, I’ve been on a balanced paleo diet, not wearing my glasses as much anymore (using them only when I truly need them) Eating my vegetables that help and preserve eyesight for example: beta carotene, vitamin a, and lutein, etc.. making sure I don’t stare into the screens too long, etc. Been doing my absolute BEST. And my vision…ah well, seems very minimally improved this time I think. I’m gonna consider using a snellen chart. I really hope my eyes will get better before heading off for college during fall semester.. I would really hate to see my future classmates somewhat partially blind; imagine walking around campus and not really noticing them from afar at all and they start wondering if you are ignoring them or something.. also not being able to see their facial expressions that well… darn… it’s going to hard to cope not seeing them perfectly at a distance….

            Anyhow, defocusing still just isn’t working out for me.. Maybe it’s my reading glasses? Perhaps I got a dud?? What exactly kind of reading glasses are you guys using? I would love to buy the same exact ones you guys use. Despite not being sure about my eyesight improving much, I’m gonna see if I can go for another month.

          • Hi! I’d say print yourself a Snellen Chart, so you can see for sure if and how much your eyesight has improved. It’s really a great way to track progress and it’s very motivating. I can totally relate to not being able to see your classmates. I can’t even tell you how many times I was embarassed beause I mixed up my acquaintances from a distance or I didn’t greet them because I didn’t see them. 🙂 We bought simple, super cheap reading glasses from Amazon, nothing special. I don’t really understand why defocusing doesn’t work for you. Hmmmm, did you try to do it without glasses at all? Perhaps it would help? xx

          • Okay, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for replying so quick! I appreciate it. By the way, is it okay if I try and read the snellen chart only about 16 ft away instead of 20 ft?

          • If you just want to see how much better you see every week, then yes. But if you want to convert it to an actual reading like 20/20 or into diopters, it will need to be 20 feet.

        • NeonAera says

          🙂 Ah, okay. I see.
          I just got it up on the wall, time to try it out.

          Thanks for replying, Vita!

          • NeonAera says

            Hello Vita!

            I got some questions! Hope you can help me out on this one.

            Okay, I’m giving the defocusing another shot. I honestly have stopped doing it for a while and only the stretches so far.. I really think I’ve been doing the defocusing incorrectly since I started. Basically what you do is you focus on the very partial blurriness of words on a page until they become clear, right? When that happens, you push it farther back again; then once it becomes clear once again, push it back again and again.. but what happens if I can’t seem to exactly focus anymore and the words are just way too blurry?? If so, I should just bring the words back up to see until I can view them clearly again? And then push the words away again to defocus once more.. until once again, my eyes cannot focus any longer and the words are just way too blurry and then bring the words back up, right? Then repeat? Oh yeah, do I have to literally just stare at a single word the whole time? Or do I have to look try and look at 3 words at a time? Or left to right at the sentences on a paragraph? Also, whenever I focus at a single word, I see the same word on the top slightly, it’s kind of like a ghostly and doubly-look, if you know what I mean. Then at times it would somewhat “move” into place and it looks clear and then it separates again; sometimes I help them merge when I shift my eyes a very tad bit lower, it merges. Do I have to focus and let the ghostly double words merge completely and stay still there without it separating? When that happens obviously then push the word back once again and again until I there’s partial blurriness to the point I can’t focus anymore and the words become too blurry, so I bring the words back up close, repeat, etc? That’s basically how it works right?? What if the double doesn’t seem to stay in place?
            By the way, I’m soo sorry if I am asking sooo many questions! I apologize if they are bad questions too that is hard to answer or doesn’t make any sense…

            I’m looking forward to doing the defocusing more correctly this time around… Maybe it’s because I’ve just been doing it wrong the whole time and going way too far with the words and they are too blurry, so I can’t focus on them thus why things aren’t working out for me and my vision isn’t improving with any flashes of perfect vision yet.

            So.. I’m not giving up just yet! 🙂

          • Hi! You don’t really focus on one word until it becomes clear. It never will. You need to trick your brain into thinking that it’s simply having a relaxed read and that’s when it’s going to relax and start seeing better. You need to look at each word until you can work out what’s written. As soon as you do, move on to the next one, and so on. As soon as you can see the words effortlessly without having to work out what’s written, move the book a little further and start the process again. It’s all about letting yourself relax and not get stressed by looking at one word forever. It’s not going to happen. You need to pretend you’re reading, very slowly, but reading. xx

  17. Theydontlikeitichangemyname says

    Great Luca or Vita:

    Please I have a question, I m dying to order my weaker prescription glasses, because I spent 2 days without glasses and you improve so much, feels so different, then you have to put on those damn thing and it is amazing how it has got blurrier again when you take them off again, I hate it, they prevent you from improving! can wait to heal myself of this violence that was done to me.

    The question is, when ordering under-prescription glasses, those of us that have astigmatism, if we shave off 0.5 or more diopters, would that not affect the axis numbers degrees? I know is like where the image forms, but not sure about the whole thing, never studied optics. Sorry if is already in the comments here, still havent read all but cant wait.

    Also in a general sense, De Angelis says this thing of using underprescription glasses or is it your idea? Whomever the idea was, it is GENIOUS.

    Kind regards, grazie

    • Hello! Haha, I loved your little rant at the beginning. Both Luca and I can totally relate. That’s the reason why I never started wearing glasses: I simply couldn’t stand how bad I could see after wearing glasses for a while. Regarding astigmatism correction, I’d say if it’s up to 0.50, you can simply omit it completely. But if it’s more, simply subtract 0.50 like you would with the regular diopters. At least that’s what I would do for myself. Defocusing (using anticorrection glasses) was in the book. I also think it’s genius. It’s not De Angelis’s idea though because it is mentioned by a few other books as well. 🙂 xx

      • Theydontlikeitichangemyname says

        Thank you Vita!

        Yeah you know, i was referring to people like me who have serious astigmatism, 3 diopters, I know if you select CYL = 0 at, then AXis = 0, but shaving off my 3 whole diopters is gonna be too much

        By now I will do 3 things:
        -order a pair shaving little, leaving degrees the same as you say
        -be alert to get hold of some optics student to explain to me the AXis thing , you know it is difficult with proffessionals, they become suspicious, I tried twice; Ill share it with you in the future if possible
        -visit my mother’s home searching for old glasses I used as a child, then go to an optics shop to get them to tell me the presciption they carry; dont forget to say this to people, it is a good idea, dont you think? can save you some money, getting old glasses; the way I understand it, it is like a reverse process of what they do to us, they prescibe stronger and stronger, muscles atrophy, we recover muscles, self-prescribe weaker and weaker, so the old glasses become relevant again

        Dont bother to answer. Thank you dear Vita, keep vital:)

        • Theydontlikeitichangemyname says


          I had become worried about this matter lately and I’m stil without new glasses;

          The optics of astigmatism are complex, and it appears that there are two notation systems when there is a mixture of myopia and astigmatis, so that it is not like you can make an addition and say ” I have this diopters”

          I dont feel like studying optics at this moment, as if to understand what would happen to AXis if you manipulate the measure of CYL, I suppose it has to change because the location in the cornea will change, then you have the issue of how it relates to myopia, it is not something you can do without studying or assistance, my opinion so far: you were lucky because you had so little you could go to zero at a first attempt

          So I ve changed strategy and I am trying to get help from selectspecs, lets see if I am lucky, I copy my request here as a curiosity for you:

          Dear Sir or Madam,
          I mean to order a pair of glasses from you but I feel I really need help with my prescription
          The issue is I want to purchase an additional pair of glasses for the purpose of practicing some exercises, or occasionally when I dont need maximal vision, so I want a pair which, while more or less being adequate for my condition, be more “challenging” so to speak , or “weak”, as if framing lenses less powerful than those needed to get almost-perfect vision
          I would like 2 diopter less, even if just is to be taken without any accuracy, as a profane notion of how less powerful they are to be, not a technical measure of the power of the lenses; I leave it to your expertise to make the technical necessary adjustments
          My recently evaluated prescription is as follows:
          Right Eye:
          SPH -4,75 CYL -2,75 AX 3º
          Left Eye:
          SPH -5,50 CYL -3,25 AX 160º

          I hope you can attend to this request, in spite of its unorthodox nature, of which I am aware, as it is important to me; let me assure you that naturally all responsability for occasionally wearing this underprescription glasses will lie entirely on me
          Thank you in advance for your service, and I formally compromise to make effective my order upon receiving your very much awaited response,

          I post this also in case some other reader want to share on this matter or can somehow help me. I appreciate any comments. Maybe I am too cautious! If we cannot go over this hurdle Vita, the hole exercises project cannot work. Regards,

          • Well, I can only hope that the opticians will comply with your request! You’re right, I was lucky because my astigmatism was only 0.50, so I could simply omit it. I wish I had optician friends, so I could simply ask. Let me know if you get a reply from them! How about starting the exercises with your current glasses? xx

  18. Theydontlikeitichangemyname says

    Hi Vita!

    No,, no luck!, they dont want to. I see no option but to find some old glasses from my childhood and, if they dont fit in my face, copy their prescription into a new pair.
    Yes I have been doing exercises already. I feel you improve very quickly, but once you put the glasses again for some time, inevitable with the computer, it is lost.

  19. Theydontlikeitichangemyname says

    Hi dear Vita! Silly case of the Axis problem report!

    I was unable to find any old glasses, thrown away by my mother. Delay of project because of psychological violence done to me, hope has no bearing on eyesight. Still highly motivated though.

    Risky thing done: brutally wrong-prescription glasses on their way: 3 diopters myopia, zero astigmatism, therefore goodbye axis problem.

    Now I will be a guinea pig for this weird experiment: will try to wear those, see if I can see enough to survive, while I do the exercices; if i can stand it, hopefully through time the eyes will adapt as they did before when I broke a pair and wore an old under-prescription pair (and reached perfect vision with them, unaware of this possibility, simply using them for a couple of years).

    I will report what happens!

  20. Hello there,
    Do you think these techniques can improve eyesight of people having keratoconus?

  21. Hello guys,

    One more question: My prescription is as follows:
    RE –> Sphere: plano, Cylinder: -3.0 (astigmatism)
    LE –>Sphere: -5.0 (myopia), Cylinder: -1.5

    I see much better with my right eye. However, if I close my right eye, the vision of my left eye is blurred completely such that I can hardly see only shades of the big E on the chart. So, while practising the techniques, do you recommend keeping both eye open or the stronger eye shut?

  22. Theydontlikeitichangemyname says

    Hi Vita % Luca,

    experimenting with the new brutally under-prescription glasess:

    – no headaches, no discomfort
    -improves my vision over no-glasses barely enough to function: I can read in the computer for example simply placing my head closer; at medium range and trivial activities there is no problem at all
    – you have to carry the other glasses with you at all times though in case an emergency arises

    So I am happy and higly motivated to carry on with this experiment! Now to get serious with the exercices.

    I would encourage everyone with moderate astigmatism to ignore it completely without fear, and those brave enough, to shave even more than 1 diopter myopia. They scared us all our life that we could lose sight if we dont wear one of their over-prescribed over-prized glasses, bastards, I dont believe them anymore, rather probably the opposite is true.

    Talk to you in the future!

  23. Hello Vita, I know you started this at list 2 years ago, so I wanted to know what was your progress in terms of diopters. Have you kept exercising since 2014 and how did it go ? Thanks for everything.

    Also, if anybody that started a long time ago have had continuous results, I would be happy to learn about it.
    Carlos M

  24. Hello!
    This is the first video I have come across form you and I really enjoyed it!! My eyesight is around -5 and I would love to be able to see better. I have a few questions..
    Do you have any experience with pinhole glasses? And how is your eyesight at the moment? i will defiantly try this out for 6 months and see how I go 🙂 thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Hi Lola, I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! I don’t have any experience with pinhole glasses at all. Our eyesight is more or less the same as in the video because we hadn’t exercised for 4 years at this point. However, my husband cut his prescription by another diopter by continuously wearing undercorrected glasses and gradually decreasing the diopters. Good luck! xx

  25. hi
    i ‘m abid
    i would like to know yours and husbends’s present vision priscription and how long u take to make it.
    it will encourage more
    please replay as quick as possible .

  26. Hello Vita, I know you started this at list 2 years ago, so I wanted to know what was yourprogress in terms of diopters. Have you kept exercising since 2014 and how did it go ? Thanks for everything.Also, if anybody that started a long time ago have had continuous results, I would be happy to learn about it.

    • We stopped exercising nearly 5 years ago, so our results are still the same as the ones I mentioned in the video. My husband cut anoher 0.75 diopter by continuously wearing under-corrected glasses and reducing the prescription gradually. xx

  27. Morning Vita,
    My 12 yrs boy got left 6/36, right 6/12, refused wearing glasses. We started to learn and do your exercise yesterday. Morning, after school and before sleep. Actually each time we only did 3-5 minutes. As for kid. Will be this helpfully? Thank you, Chew

  28. Jigna Mehta says

    Hi Vita, my daughter is only 6 years old and 4 mnths she has far sighted 1.75 in right eye and 0.50 jn left eye and today wheni went fr check up the right eyeis now 2.25.Should itake new spectales for her or wait n do excercise

    • Hi Jigna, of course I can’t tell you what to do and I don’t have any personal experience with long-sightedness. But it’s always worth trying before getting stronger glasses and potentially making her eyesight even worse in the longer term. xx

  29. In my both eyes have -6.00. Is it possible to bring back to normal?

  30. Neha Dhasmana says

    Hey my eye power of both eyes is -2.5 should i wear glasses all the time .Do you have any special tip for me as i am starting this exercisr.And if i followed it well then how much time it will to reach at least -1.5

  31. Hi, I am just 22, and my vision is dropping really fast. I used contact lences for a couple of years, but now changed to glasses. It is 4.75 by now, so I am really worried about all the years to come ahead. Thank you for this article, I will start doing the exercises you prescribed! By the way, would it be better to use my old glasses that are 4 and 4.05?

  32. Hi,

    I have my glasses when I was in 6th and prescription is getting worse year by year with -4.75 in both eyes.I am really worried of my eyes.I will start excersing from today.Can you please suggest me is doing these excersises will work because while I am in office I need to have my glasses?

  33. Hi Vita,
    I read today your blog and it’s very impressive.i am Worried about my son’s eyesight who is 6 years old and his power is -1.75 and -1.25 .. I want to try your tips ..can you pls tell me how many minutes in a day we need to do these exercise?

  34. Hi, I have a few questions about these exercises. I’m 16 right now with nearsightedness and have been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old. My vision on my left is 4.75 and right 5.25. I’ve tried to stop wearing my glasses, but had no success. I would like to know if doing these exercises and sometimes wearing my glasses will hinder my eyesight getting better? And if I do these exercises more than twice each day, will it hurt my eye muscles more or will it help them more?

    • It would be quite impossible to live without glasses at around -5.00 diopters. My husband’s eyesight was the same and he did wear his glasses most of the time while doing the exercises, until he started feeling that they were too strong and he got weaker ones. I wouldn’t do more than two sessions of exercises a day because overdoing in exercises never brings anything good. It’s important to rest and recover, too! <3

  35. hi vital, my 5yr old daughter was recently checked with astigmatism right -3.25 cyl and left +3.00. the dr insisted us to have her on glass if not it will result into amblyopia. but we are hestiating as we believe that once she is on glasses, her condition will get worsen. does we really need her to put on glasses?

    we try to practise her on the eye exercise. however, she is not comfortable with the exercise to be done in closed eyes. can we do all five steps with eyes open? do to my working hour, can i get to do in the afternoon and night instead of in the morning and evening? thanks.

    • Her astigmatism is quite strong, so the doctor is probably right about needing glasses. However, the eye exercises can still be done and they can still help. The exercises with the closed eyes are quite challenging, but with practice they get easier, perhaps little by little she can get the hang of it? Whatever she can do is better than nothing. Afternoon and evening should be OK as well as long as there are at least 4-5 hours between the sessions. Good luck! xx

      • thanks for the encouragement. it surely motivate us to continue the eye exercise with her. but for the glasses, does it mean that it will be better for us to have her on glasses, if so, can we minimise the usage e.g. use only in school?

        another question, if we can only practise the eye exercise once a day, can we do it everyday instead of 2nd of the day since we did not do it twice a day?

        you mentioned that you have improve your astigmatism, how much has it improve? for my daughter case, will there ant chance of improving till she can go without the glasses? thanks.

        • I don’t think glasses can be avoided at this point, but as her eyesight starts getting better, hopefully you’ll be able to change to progressively weaker glasses. Also, taking them off for some time every day is also very helpful. I guess doing the exercises once a day every day is better than not doing them at all. But doing twice with a day of rest in between is always better because eye muscles need time to recover and grow stronger, just like any muscles in the body. My astigmatism was around -1.00 or -1.50 (don’t remember anymore, it was such a long time ago) and the exercises helped me a lot, I didn’t measure it again but the double vision I used to have disappeared, so it must have improved a lot. Wishing your daughter lots of improvement! <3

          • hi vital, thanks for the words of encouragement. i will continue the eye exercise with her and really hope to see good results soon. 🙂

  36. Aryan Chaudhary says

    Hello Vita and Luca . Your article is great . As always i am pate but please respond . I am 16 years old and have -1.5D . Q1-How should I effectively make use of my specs ?
    Q2 should i use -1.25 or low lens ?
    Any other tip is welcomed wholeheartedly.
    Loads of love❤️

  37. Madam, I have wearing glasses since ,I was 10 years old, my eye sight was at then -2 d both eye. At this time at 28 year old my eye sight is -7 both eye, I constantly use glasses.Can I do exercise?

  38. Hi mam vita,
    This is anant from India.
    I was just surfing the internet to get an idea to cure my myopic vision so then i came to ur page well i found this one interesting.
    So here is my query im a 22 year old guy and im suffering from myopia having -4.0 dioptre in my both eyes and i want to join my country armed forces so for that the maximum acceptable eye vision should be not fewer than -3.5dioptre. im very concerned about it so mam pls tell me how to bring my eye vision from -4 to whatever it may come so as it don’t make any hindrance in my selection and im using eye glasses too.
    So please provide me a solution .

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