Hiking 16km and Feeling Great! (Farewell to Hashimoto’s)

Hiking 16km and feeling great

Yesterday was a very special Sunday for me. Not only did we have a beautiful day walking up in the mountains, but I also had a clear proof that my health has finally turned a corner. Feeling over the moon, I thought it would be a shame not to share some photos from the hike with you and tell you a bit more about why I think I’m finally on the healing path.

We didn’t go hiking for many, many months (apart from short walks around our area) because frankly, I didn’t have any wish or energy to climb mountains. Even if I had energy on some days, it always felt so fleeting, I didn’t want to risk losing it. It was always like this: if I exert myself today, I might have fun for a day, but then I’ll suffer for a week, so it’s not worth it.

My energy used to dip, I used to get depressed, my muscles used to be incredibly sore for weeks, and my mind was simply not up for challenges. Damned Hashimoto’s!

I didn’t like being like this at all. In fact, it’s not like me at all, but I kept doing my thing and never lost hope that healing would come sooner or later.

Yesterday, I finally felt ready and wow, what a hike we went on!

Without challenging myself physically in any way and not exercising for many months, it was quite an ambitious plan, but we decided to go hiking for 6 hours and we walked for 16 km in total on a rough rocky terrain and lots of steep inclines. There were a few moments where I felt tired, but then my two companions did, too. I was normal! It felt amazing to be like others and enjoy life.

When we came home, I expected to be exhausted and in pain, but nothing like that happened. I cleaned the kitchen and felt absolutely normal. This morning, I woke up and there was no pain in the muscles. Do you know what it means? It means I can start exercising again! Yay! Exciting times are coming.

Now that I’m firmly walking down the right path, I can’t wait to share with you what worked and what didn’t in my healing journey, so hopefully I can help you heal as well. I’ll be sharing all of that soon. For now, let me share with you some gorgeous views from yesterday’s hike.

It was a glorious day. Very warm and sunny. January and early February is also the time when almond trees blossom and it’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year. The area we hiked in is called Santiago del Teide and it’s famous for almond blossoms. It’s our tradition to go there and see the blooms every single year.

almond blooms 3

almond blooms 2

almond blooms 1

A chunk of the hike crosses through the lava deposits left by the most recent volcanic eruption a hundred years ago. I love that place! It’s magical. The black rocks and the green in the background, mixed with blue sky. There’s something about volcanic landscapes that just takes my breath away.

me in santiago del teide

And then I nearly fell. 🙂

me falling in santiago del teide

landscape in santiago del teide

In order to get to the flats you see in the photos, we had to climb over the mountains. It was steep and challenging as the rocks kept sliding down.

hiking up

We also passed an area of a burnt pine tree forest. Canarian pines are unique because fire doesn’t kill them. Within several years, the pine needles grow back and the forest becomes green again. To me, it symbolises ultimate healing. I was standing there looking at them and thinking, “I can relate to you so much”. I spent 3 years in darkness, but I can see light now and I feel those little baby pine needles coming out.

baby pines in santiago del teide

Do you see the corridor going through the trees and leading to the light? That’s life. That’s healing. That’s the magic of nature.

light in the tunnel pines santiago del teide

We also saw many random flowers in the fields. Seeing flowers in February is priceless, but we get them all year long. Note to self: don’t ever take it for granted!

flowers in santiago del teide

And this is me with a 5-day-old baby sheep last week. How cute is this? We buy raw milk from a farm and I love how people there love their animals. I don’t mind paying double the price for the milk when I see the quality of life and consequently the quality of milk and cheese. By the way, if you’re wondering what we do with the milk, we make the most amazing raw goat yogurt and very decadent cappuccinos with sheep milk. I posted a little video of this little sheep baby on my Instagram if you’d like to see it.

me and the lamb

Hope you’re having a wonderful week, and I’ll be back with a video soon!

Lots of love,

Vita xx

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  1. Congrats Vita! That’s great news that you bid farewell to Hashimoto’s!
    Such a relief that must be.
    I am on a similar journey with my thyroid issues and all else it leads to. You are an inspiration!

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