Would Your Great Grandmother Eat Like This? – Worrying Food Trends on YouTube

This is something that I’ve wanted to address for ages. Eating snacks and side dishes instead of proper complete meals is a worrying trend on YouTube, which of course translates to real life. Young girls are extremely vulnerable to all those What I Ate Today videos that in my eyes promote nothing else but malnutrition. Another trend that I want to address is eating exotic foods from faraway lands all the time. Not only a lot of the nutrients are lost in transit, but this imported food also clocks a lot of air miles, and I’m not even talking about poor local people losing their staple foods because of our ridiculous demand (look at what happened to quinoa and people in Peru).

I think it’s time to turn back to simple food and appreciate what our ancestors have been eating for thousands of years. Food doesn’t have to be trendy, expensive, or brought from thousands of kilometres away.

I’ve recently written about shaking off orthorexia and relaxing my relationship with food. You can read it here. When I realized that instead of trying to eliminate different foods until I wasn’t reacting to anything anymore only led me to misery and health obsession. When I decided to fix my gut, so that I could eat everything, my mindset and in turn my health improved and leaps and bounds.

What’s your opinion on this? Let’s discuss!

Simply yours,
Vita xx


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