How To Deep Clean Makeup Brushes Naturally

how to deep clean makeup brushes naturally

Today, I thought I’d show you how I deep clean my makeup brushes totally naturally. If I don’t put any chemicals on my skin, why would I want to put them on my brushes? After all, some residue will always remain after washing and might irritate my super sensitive skin. This makeup brush cleaning routine is inspired by the Oil Cleansing Method.

Remember that oil is the best makeup remover in the world? Well, the same principle applies for makeup brushes, too.

Makeup brushes are expensive, often they can be the most expensive items in your makeup collection, so it’s also important to keep them in top quality as long as possible. I feel that traditional brush cleansers from traditional brands or even shampoos can be too drying, while this method leaves my brushes incredibly soft. I like using oils and natural soaps just to make sure that the cleaning process is as environmentally friendly and as gentle as possible.

All you need is two ingredients, and it doesn’t take long. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

You can watch a full demonstration in this video here:

What You’re Going To Need if You Want to Give Your Brushes a Lovely Deep Clean

  1. Some olive oil or any pure oil that is affordable in your country (I use olive oil because it’s local and it’s cheap).
  2. A big mug or a bowl, just something deep enough to pour the oil in.
  3. Pure olive oil soap (Aleppo soap or Sabon de Marseilles would be wonderful, too). Dr Bronners would also work but I find soap bars more natural and less drying.

Deep Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Step-by-Step

  • Dip one of the brushes into the oil and massage it in, kind of like when using the Oil Cleansing Method for your face – it’s the same principle really. I usually start from the biggest brush (the bronzer brush) and then make my way down to the smallest eye shadow brushes. Once you start massaging the oil in, you’ll see all the makeup and dirt running off. It’s brilliant! It’s definitely my favourite part. 🙂
  • Rinse all the brushes under cool water one by one. You can either rinse them straight away or oil all the brushes first and then rinse them.
  • Take your pure olive oil soap, rub it between your hands until it starts foaming and soap all the brushes up one by one. Then, I swirl the brushes around my palm a little. The soap foams up really well and gets rid of any oily residue or any remaining makeup perfectly. There should be no brown makeup left anymore, and the brushes should look pretty clean by now.
  • Just rinse all the brushes with cool water. Make sure you don’t hold the brushes upside down while rinsing or else the water might get into the glue, melt it and then bristles would start coming off.
  • It’s time to clean up the mess! Your sink might be smeared with oil and makeup stains by now, so grab a sponge and wipe it clean while it’s still fresh.

This Is How I Air Dry My Makeup Brushes

I place a small clean towel on a flat surface and tap my brushes on it gently to get rid of some of the moisture. Then, I shape them back into shape and place them on the towel with the brush heads hanging off, just to allow all the excess moisture to drip off. If you can place your brushes at a downward angle (for example, in a brush case), that would speed up the drying even more. Just remember not to put them upside down.

So this is my super easy and natural deep cleaning routine! I hope you’ll find it useful.

How do you clean your makeup brushes? How often do you do it? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Vita xx

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  1. I love this post, Vita – and thanks for showing exactly how you did it! 🙂

  2. I usually clean my brushes at least once a month, but have not thought about the oil part of the cleansing. I do love olive oil soap though. My skin has never been better since using it.

    P.S. I have been purging my stuff we have talked about. Also tried the lavender water, and love both the rose and lavender. Have not tried the evening primrose as of yet; just happy with the oil cleansing method so far.

    • Hey Debs, I’m so happy that the olive oil soap is working for you! I still love it, too. So glad you’ve been purging your things. A decluttered house is a decluttered mind! xx

  3. Fantastic method! I usually clean my brushes with vinegar and water. I desperately need sth new to try. I am so glad I have found your post. Best regards!

  4. Debbie T. says

    What about 100% shea butter soap for the cleaning after using oil? It’s what I use in the shower.

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