Cyclical Depression, Low Self-Confidence, and Fatigue Due to Estrogen Dominance – Sounds Familiar?

Do you ever notice that those good days and bad days always seem to happen at the same time of your cycle? In many cases, it’s due to estrogen dominance. It took me a while to notice this pattern, but understanding what is happening and why (precisely the fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone levels) made me feel empowered, and I can finally plan my time better! If I know when I’m going to feel extra creative and self-confident, I can shift the majority of important work to those days.

Ultimately, I aim to feel great all month long without any energy or mood fluctuations at all, but so far this is already great progress, and I’ll take it!

Does my experience give you an AHA moment? Have you noticed anything similar? Or are you one of those lucky ladies with perfectly balanced hormones all month long? By the way, patterns can be reversed, too. Some women feel great between their period and the ovulation, and start PMS’ing almost straight after the ovulation. Let me know which one you are! Thanks for watching!

Simply yours,
Vita xx


  1. I feel the same. My spouse can read the moon and can tell when my mood is going to be bad because of the cycle. I have no energy during that time and like you just want to stay home and curl up on the couch.

    • I have thought about doing the vitex, but I get nervous messing with one’s hormonal levels. My mother’s breast cancer she was diagnosed with they told her her cancer was caused by to much estrogen, but she never did any type of hormone therapy after menopause, she went through the whole process naturally, yet she was unaware of having to much estrogen that would cause her breast cancer.

      • My mom also had estrogen dominance breast cancer and lots of other health issues thanks to the estrogen dominance, so I’m determined not to go the same way. So far Vitex has been very good to me. I’ll keep you updated. <3

    • Our poor spouses. 🙂 <3

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