The Curious Link Between Estrogen, Thyroid, Histamine, and Cortisol – Adrenal Series #6

Estrogen dominance, hypothyroidism, histamine intolerance, and high cortisol are all closely connected, and in fact they all stem from the same root cause. Fix it and the rest will fall into place. Start fixing the wrong one on its own and you’ll make the rest worse. It’s fascinating! It took me more than two years to connect all these dots and I’m super excited to put all of that knowledge into one concise video. I really hope this information will blow your mind as it did with mine.

To sum it up:

  • High estrogen (or estrogen dominance) creates more histamine.
  • High histamine promotes production of more estrogen, and the vicious cycle keeps feeding on itself.
  • Cortisol is your body’s antidote to histamine, so more cortisol is released to bring those histamine levels down.
  • High cortisol slows down thyroid function (as does high estrogen), which then leads to a sluggish liver and even more estrogen and histamine. And yes, you guessed it, more hypothyroidism.

Watch the video to learn more:

To be honest with you, I consider this video to be the most profound self healing video I’ve ever made because this information is life changing. Connecting these symptoms is the straightest road to resolving them. I can’t believe that none of the doctors are getting it.

If you know anyone who’s suffering with these health issues, please help them by sharing this information with them. It’s time to stop looking at separate symptoms without looking at the bigger picture.

This is Part 6 of the Adrenal Series, which means it’s the last one! I’m already super excited about the next one which is going to be all about estrogen dominance, low progesterone, period problems, and female hormonal balance in general. Let me know if there’s a particular topic you want me to address in that series. It’s going to be a huge one! There’s so much to talk about.

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Thank you for reading/watching!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

Disclaimer: My videos aren’t meant to give medical advice, treat, or diagnose. All I do is share everything I learn during my own healing and self-improvement journey. Please do your own research before trying anything and remember to always make well informed decisions because knowledge is power. 


  1. Hey Vita,

    I am a 27 year old male with high TPOabs, high Estrogen and Testosterone, low Ferritin and Histamine Intolerance. To conventional medicine, I am just normal. That’s why I have been trying to have an understanding and make nutrition my healer.

    Your connection makes sense to me, but what is the source of this knowledge? Do you somehow have any tips for men with Hashimoto’s?


    • It’s very unusual to see a guy with Hashimoto’s, but if you have high estrogen, it probably makes sense. Do you have any idea why your ferritin is low? Vegetarian or vegan diet perhaps? Ulcers? Overtraining perhaps? I made the connection after reading hundreds of books and articles. All the information is out there, just not many doctors or scientists are connecting everything yet. Everyone seems to only focus on their own field, not the whole body. xx

  2. Oh, I was expecting an e-mail notification. Just saw this.

    Well thanks! I guess I am special in a bad way. 🙂 I was following a Ketogenic Diet prior to my symptoms. Now checking on the nutrients of my diet, I was very malnourished. And a bit of overtraining I can say. So a low Ferritin is very well possible, but I also read of SIBO causing low Ferritin. Couldn’t have it tested though.

    I am currently increasing my intake of every micronutrient(especially Selenium and Zinc) with a big variety of veggies, whole grains(including gluten), seeds, some fruit, eggs, yogurt, canned sardines(!) and frozen mussels(!). Additionally I take a histamine reducing probiotic(Optibac). Things were going alright for a while, but I got a major flare up for the last 4 days, after some alcohol. I wonder if I do anything wrong. Should I do an Elimination Diet, instead of Nutrition?


    • Well, if you know that alcohol caused a flare up, just stay away from it. If a normal, real foods diet still causes troubles after a few weeks or months, then you can try an elimination diet, but don’t forget that recovering from a low carb can take a while. It took my digestion more than a year to recover after the Paleo diet. xx

  3. Hi Vita! I’ve just discovered your website and videos. I have all of the issues you mentioned and I thought that they were related but am sure of it now! I believe mine started with histamine issues…I have had stomach problems most of my life due to a history of eating disorders. This created an extremely leaky gut and I started getting histamine reactions after eating high histamine foods- but I had no idea and the sneezing and itching did not interfere too much with my life so I carried on… unfortunately it all came to a head when I started getting acid reflux that no amount of type of medicine could tame. My only option was to go he natural route and that’s when I discovered this whole world of holistic medicine. I have been following a low carb paleo low histaminw diet the last year and a half and now have prediabetes when taking in 50gm carbs per day. I have tingling sensations in my hands and feet also (You mentioned blood sugar issues in your 20 reasons why you stopped paleo). I also think it is due to increased cortisol which is related to insulin. I just hope I can get my health back!

    • Hi Jacqui, I became prediabetic as well due to the Paleo diet. It took several months for my blood sugar to stabilise after I went off it. I don’t have issues with it anymore. Eating low carb is very tricky for women (or anyone if you ask me). I would suggest checking your estradiol and progesterone levels because a hormonal imbalance would produce very similar symptoms as well. Also, the levels can change very quickly. For example, my estrogen was too high at the beginning of my healing journey. After doing regular fasts, exercising a lot, and taking estrogen metabolism supplements, it actually fell too low, now I’m working on bringing it back into balance. Cortisol is also very linked to hormones. Low thyroid function can also cause all of the symptoms, so if you haven’t had it done already, I would highly suggest checking your thyroid numbers. xx

  4. Hope Hollingsworth says:

    I was a moody, irritable, allergic child so I think histamine metabolism could be genetically built in with me. As I am approaching menopause it is rearing its head worse than ever with migraines during ovulation and menses when I used to have none. My face is puffy (I feel sort of puffy and inflamed all over) and I have serious constipation. I have Hashimoto’s which has been treated for 20 years…until last year with synthroid/cytomel. I have actually become puffier since switching to Naturethroid nearly a year ago so I wonder about that link. But my #’s are always nicely in check.
    Two years ago a naturopath did blood work because I had a mysterious rash. She said it revealed markers for high systemic inflammation. Because she’s trained to see mold she concluded mold. Well, after treating my house it’s all the same.
    I have no idea what I should eat or what I should do. I have recently concluded that sugar triggers migraines. That’s all I’ve figured out. Should I cut gluten? I welcome any input at all. Such a rabbit hole…..

    • It’s truly a rabbit hole. Were you exposed to lots of stress as a child? Any childhood trauma? Or perhaps your mom was very stressed while carrying you? Any of these could weaken the adrenal glands, mess up the regulation of cortisol, which then would bring all the hormones out of whack. It does seem like you’re dealing with estrogen dominance. Ever checked your progesterone and estradiol levels? xx

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