Is Constant Snacking Making Us Fat? – How To Stop Grazing All Day Long

Constant snacking has nearly become a part of culture in the West (apparently in lots of Eastern cultures, too). It terrifies me seeing mums and dads continuously stuffing their kids with snacks (often sweet) and then adults literally going from one snack to another throughout the working day.

Snacking has become our way of coping with stress, sadness, boredom, lack of self-love, and loneliness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this video, I talk about the reasons why snacking between meals is bad for your health and also share a few tips that have helped me break the snacking habit (most of the time).

Most of the information I used for this video came from a fantastic book called “Eat Wheat”. I highly recommend it if you’d like to read about nutrition from a perspective of both ancient Ayurveda and the latest scientific research. Out of the hundreds of nutrition or health books I’ve read, this one is firmly my favourite.

Hope you find this video helpful!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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  1. This is so helpful and confirms what I (re-)read in “French women don’t get fat”. We snack when we haven’t had proper meals- so simple. I am choosing to not restock offenders- pretzels, crackers, etc., but I am keeping all natural popcorn and dark chocolate on hand for emergencies 😉
    Overall trying to snack less and only keep wholefoods in the house- so far so good!
    Thanks for the dose of commonsense…

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