10 Most Common Curly Hair Mistakes

10 Most Common Curly Hair Mistakes - How To Prevent Frizz in Curly/Wavy Hair

I’ve made so many curly hair mistakes in my life before I fell in love with my curls and got rid of frizz. We all do. But the thing is that curly hair can be so effortlessly beautiful if done right. But unless our mums or sisters pass the know-how of curly hair to us, we all make a lot of mistakes until we get those perfectly defined frizz free curls.

These are the 10 mistakes that I personally made and lots of people make when caring for and styling curly hair:

1. Applying shampoo all over – I used to apply shampoo on the lengths of my hair as well as the roots and it was creating a lot of frizz. Curly hair is naturally drier than other types of hair, so it’s very important to preserve that natural oil coating of the hair. Apply shampoo only on the roots of the hair, and whatever falls on the ends from shampooing the roots will be enough.
2. Being afraid of oils – curly hair is naturally drier, so it needs more nourishment. Try applying a little bit of oil an hour before washing your hair and you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes. You also don’t need much oil. I use just around 1.5 tsp of Auromere Pre-Shampoo conditioning oil mostly on the lengths of my hair, and then whatever remains I also massage into my roots.
3. Not applying conditioner correctly – in other words, not applying enough conditioner or not applying it all over, including the roots. Start with the ends, so the majority of the product will go there, and then move up to the roots.
4. Drying hair with a towel or t-shirt before applying hair cream, leave-in moisturiser, curl enhancing lotion or whatever it is that you’re using to nourish your curls. Always squeeze extra moisture with your hands, then apply the cream bu scrunching your hair, and only then use a t-shirt or towel to dry your hair (again, only using a scrunching motion).
5. Using a regular terrycloth towel – it creates frizz! Use a microfibre towel or even better, a cotton t-shirt. I stole one from my husband and it’s brilliant.
6. Raking through the hair with fingers or a comb any time after the conditioner has been washed off. This will break up the curls and will create frizz! Always only scrunch your hair. Never run your fingers or even worse, a comb, through your hair.
7. Using styling gel incorrectly – when the hair is almost dry or not using enough. Use it right after towel drying your hair and use enough to coat all the curls uniformly. It will be crunchy but that’s normal while it’s drying. The cast of the gel will be broken later and there will be no more crunchiness. Again, make sure you scrunch the styling gel into your hair, not run your fingers through your hair.
8. Going out into the wind when the hair isn’t completely dry – if you have time, just be patient. Otherwise, if you really have to go out, use a hairdrier with a diffuser attachment at the highest heat setting and the lowest power setting.
9. Touching hair while it’s drying – don’t! It will create frizz. Actually, don’t ever touch your hair unless you’re scrunching it up to revive curs in the mornings.
10. Running fingers through hair to break up the styling gel cast – it will break the curl pattern, so don’t do it. Just scrunch your hair with the same t-shirt you used to dry your hair or use your hands. I love adding a couple of drops of Alaffia Nourishing Curl Oil and a tiny dollop of Aveda Humectant Pomade at this step and they both add beautiful definition to my curls.

Here’s my video talking about this:

Hope these tips will bring you much more happy curl days than frizzy and limp curl days! What is your biggest curly hair mistake?

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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  1. Hey, Vita!

    9 and 10 seem to be my biggest mistakes, and trust me I do that all the time. It’s almost a default settings for me to run my hands on my head and sometimes I just uproot my own hair all by myself. What do you think I could do to contain this?

    Another mistake I know I do and that’s made me decide not to carry curly hair again is that every time I apply my gel or activator, I just run jump out of my house, never letting it dry. Maybe I should get a hair dryer.

    Think I will be better off with that. What do you think, Vita?

    Thanks for sharing this information here with us by the way and I will be looking forward to reading your replies.


    • Hi Theodore, you really need to just be patient and mindful of what you do with your hands. As you start watching yourself, you will gradually start touching your hair less and less often. It’s all about breaking a bad habit and it does take a few days or weeks. I think you would definitely do better with a hair drier. Don’t give up on curly hair! It’s so beautiful. <3

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