Christmas Wishes For My Awesome Readers

Christmas Wishes for my awesome readers - VitaLivesFree My dearest readers, I wish you a heart-warming Christmas, full of family and friends, warmth, excitement, positive emotions, radiant health and of course great food! I thought I’d share with you the only remotely Christmassy photo I’ve got. It was taken over 2km high, but who cares – it’s still snow and it still counts! 🙂

Lots of love for you all! xxx

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  1. Just saw the Christmas pic from last year. Love it. Hard to believe Christmas will be around the corner real soon. We will be doing Halloween on the 31st here. I have a ghost which makes spooky sounds hanging on my porch. Our poor doggie’s hair stanfs on end and sometimes she barks when it goes off. Hehe…

    • Hahaha I can totally imagine that! 🙂 We don’t really celebrate Halloween here, but I can’t wait for Christmas. Last year I really didn’t want to think of Christmas too much because it reminded me of all the years I spent in cold climates, but this year I think I’m ready to embrace it. 🙂 xx

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