I Took Birth Control Pills for 10 Years – My Story of Love and Hate All in One

Today, in Part 2 of the Birth Control Series, I’m talking about my experience taking birth control pills and how love turned to hate. At first, I thought they were the best thing that had ever happened to me because they gave me normal periods for the first time in my life, but as the […]

10 Reasons Why Birth Control Pills Are Evil – Health Risks of Hormonal Contraception

That super requested Birth Control Series is here! We’re starting out with all of the reasons why you should consider quitting birth control pills and even better why you should never even start taking those evil little things. If I could turn back the time, I would! In my eyes, this is the most important […]

DIY Zinc Test – Test Your Zinc Levels At Home – How To Tell If Your Zinc Is Low

Zinc is one of the most important minerals for human bodies, and possibly the most important one if you have acne. Vegetarian or vegan diets, lots of stress, exercising or sweating a lot, and taking birth control pills are just a few of the reasons why you could be running low on zinc. If you […]

What I Ate Today (Low FODMAP Edition, Simple Real Food)

Hi guys! It’s time to share another What I Ate Today video. I haven’t filmed one for ages! Some of you asked for a Low FODMAP edition, so here it is! This was really just a relaxed Saturday where I didn’t feel like spending too much time cooking, so we ate some super simple, yet […]

Shaking Off Orthorexia by Relaxing My Relationship with Food

Lately, I’ve been focusing on relaxing my relationship with food. I’ve started eating sourdough bread again and I’ve made huge gains since the orthorexia-like grips of the Paleo diet, but I still felt that my attitude to food needed some more work. I needed to stop labelling foods as inherently good or bad. I also […]

Is Folic Acid Causing Your Acne? + Why So Many Americans Are Gluten Intolerant

Hi guys! This video is all about folic acid, methylfolate, MTHFR mutation, and all of my experiments with folic acid containing supplements. I’ve been trying to find a multivitamin or B complex that wouldn’t break me out or wouldn’t give me anxiety, but it took me two years to find out why none of them […]

10 Amazing Moringa Health Benefits + Iced Moringa Tea Recipe

Hi guys! I’ve recently discovered moringa leaves and I’ve fallen in love. As I regularly try and research all kinds of cool superfoods, I thought it would be great to share some of that information with you, too. I buy fresh moringa leaves from the farmer’s market and then either eat them fresh in a […]

Why I’m Eating Gluten Again – Gluten Intolerance vs. FODMAP Malabsorption (MUST WATCH!)

If you think you’re gluten intolerant, I really want you to watch this video. Is gluten really the culprit? Or has it been conveniently turned into a culprit, so that companies can make money from gluten-free junk food? This video is seriously a must watch for anyone with Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. All of this […]

Low FODMAP Diet – Reset Your Digestion with Low FODMAP foods (as a temporary measure)

Hi guys! In this Part 3 of the Fructose Malabsorption series, I talk about the Low FODMAP diet, which is really like an ultimate digestion reset. It’s not something to be done for all of your life, but it’s a terrific rest for your digestion or a perfect elimination diet if you like. It’s been […]

Fructose Malabsorption Practical Survival Guide – Banish Bloat and Keep Digestion Running Smoothly

In this part of the Fructose Malabsorption series (here’s Part 1), I talk about the practical details of living with fructose malabsorption: what to avoid, what is safe, how to make things taste good, what to do if you’ve overdosed on fructose, etc. These are all of the tips that helped me go from constant […]