What i Ate Today – Workout of the Day – Balanced, Quick Food on a Busy Day

Time for another food diary! This time I decided to add the workout of the day because it’s so closely linked to what I eat. Our health and bodies depend only 20% on exercises and 80% on food! It was a busy day, so I came up with super quick yet balanced and delicious meals. […]

Real Life What I Ate Today (Including Chicken and Mushroom Risotto) + Hiking in Garachico

Here’s another What I Ate Today video! It’s a little random because we generally don’t eat this much meat, but we were given some sausages to try for free in addition to what we already had (and I thought it was a good opportunity to reintroduce pork again), so this was a day of stocking […]

What I Ate Today (Grain-Free, Almost Paleo, Full of Fat Soluble Vitamins)

This video is a complete U-turn from my previous What I Ate Today video, I know. Trust me, I’m equally tired of experimenting and changing things around. Why can’t I just settle down with one way of eating? The thing is, without mistakes and experiments, there will never be progress and there will never be […]

What I Ate Today + Recipes (Real Foods, Vata Pacifying, A Vegetarian Day)

Time to show you what I eat in a day! After the Paleo update video, the next natural question is what do I actually eat now? Well, I eat everything in moderation. It’s all about variety now and it’s still all real, whole foods. I also try to follow the ayurvedic Vata pacifying guidelines most […]