The Miracle Morning Changed My Life – Day 30 Results (Beyond My Wildest Dreams)

Nearly a month ago I boldly claimed that The Miracle Morning changed my life after just 7 days. Today is Day 31 of The Miracle Morning challenge and I’m still going to say the same. It’s been a truly life-changing experience so far: from growing my channel and feeling happier and happier to improving my […]

Q&A: Giving up Job Security, Living on a Tiny Income, Why I Started YouTube, Tips for UTI’s

Hi guys! You had some questions for me, so I thought I’d answer. The majority of them are about life: quitting a steady job, exchanging security for uncertainty, taking risks, living on less than one income, and of course chasing my dreams! I also briefly talked about some tips for those with chronic urinary tract […]

Miracle Morning Challenge Changed My Life – Day 7 Results (I Challenge You to Try It!)

Today is Day 7 of The Miracle Morning Challenge and it’s one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I’m becoming the best version of myself every single day consistently. My actions are finally in line with the vision I have for my life, and that makes me immensely happy and at […]

Meet My Husband Tag – Just Because It’s Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

I thought I’d share with you this fun tag that my husband and I filmed while we were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary in the neighbouring island of La Gomera. Hope you enjoy it! Simply yours, Vita xx

My Greatest Failures – Embarrassing Confessions About Things I Did But Don’t Regret

I saw Mimi Ikonn’s video where she talked about her failures and I realized that I really wanted to share mine. I’m still embarrassed about some of them, but I don’t regret anything. Each and every failure taught me valuable lessons and even if it seemed unbearably painful at that time, I look back now […]

Visiting Lithuania + A Tour of My Mom’s Organic Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Hi guys! I’ve recently come back from a 2-week trip to my country, Lithuania. I didn’t film as much as I planned to because I really wanted to give undivided attention to my family and friends after such a long absence. But I did film some things, starting with my fur baby Stellina from London […]

13 Months Off The Grid, 10 Valuable Lessons

We survived for 13 months off the grid: no generators, no solar energy, no cheating. Our existence was made possible by public libraries, friends’ help, local shops who let us freeze our ice blocks in their freezers, and of course the amazing battery of my laptop with 3 priceless hours of movies that saved our […]

Hiking 16km and Feeling Great! (Farewell to Hashimoto’s)

Yesterday was a very special Sunday for me. Not only did we have a beautiful day walking up in the mountains, but I also had a clear proof that my health has finally turned a corner. Feeling over the moon, I thought it would be a shame not to share some photos from the hike […]

Dear Me: Stop Trying To Please Everyone

I know I’m a little late (considering that Women’s Day has already passed), but I really wanted to do it. I think the Dear Me campaign carries such a deep and very important message not for just for teenagers, but for any young or not so young person. We’ve all had times when we felt […]

How To Enjoy Life More: 6 Habits For A Happier And More Relaxed You

So many of you have been asking how we manage to stay so calm and positive… and happy, despite all the hiccups with the electricity. Well, this video is my answer. Despite everything, we are very happy and we’re thoroughly enjoying life and each other. Last Sunday I sat down and compiled a list of […]