Bronze Goddess Summer Makeup Tutorial – My Mostly Natural Filming Look

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I’ve just uploaded my first makeup tutorial. I still can’t believe it I managed! This is my favourite go-to look when I film videos or if I’m going out with my husband for a special date. I don’t really wear makeup on a daily basis, but if I do, and if it’s summer, it’s got to be this look.

In most of my videos, I wear this exact look, so if you were wondering what makeup I’ve been wearing, this is it!

Can you tell how much I love everything bronze or gold in the summer? I think it’s super flattering with a bit of a tan.

Honestly, this tutorial took me 2 full days to make. I have so much respect for all the beauty gurus on YouTube now. It’s super hard work! So I think we should all go and like their videos right now, and let them know how awesome they are. How the hell do they manage to film 3-4 tutorials every week? I just can’t get my head around it. They must be some kind of super humans. 🙂

Why Did This Makeup Tutorial Take Forever To Film?

So many of you have been asking for it that I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. I’m sorry it took so long, but I’m such a good procrastinator.

I’ve been scared!

I’m so self-conscious about applying my makeup in public. I remember, when I was at school, my friends used to make themselves up in front of the mirror in the school bathroom, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Makeup has always been a very private (almost sacred) ritual for me. Just me and my makeup… and silence… perfect!

Not anymore! I’ve done it in front of you, guys, but that’s OK because you’re my friends, and I’m not a little girl anymore. Please be kind with your comments, remember this is my first one. If you like it, I might do some more in the future. If you don’t, I’ll just hide in the dark and cry for a few days. Just kidding… 🙂

Watch My Bronze Goddess Summer Makeup Tutorial Here:

All The Products I Used In the Bronze Goddess Summer Makeup Tutorial:

I hope you’ve enjoyed my video, and thanks so much for watching and supporting me. I’m convinced my viewers and readers are the best in the world. Thanks so much for your support!

Lots of love,

Vita xx

Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. I only recommend things that I absolutely love myself, and they’ve all been bought with my hard-earned cash.

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  1. Stephanie Mckenzie says

    I think you did a terrific job on your tutorial, very well done! You are right, this look is perfect for you, so gorgeous!

    I love that you listed all the products you used, than you!! I look forward to more tutorials and other videos!!


  2. YaY! I really enjoyed the video. I will give it a try as your routine seems simple which is what I like in makeup application. You did great! I also understand the process of trying to move towards a more natural routine. I still have some purging to do from my makeup, but it is a gradual process. Beautiful job!


  3. You look amazing! Keep ’em coming;)

  4. Great tutorial Vita. Very well done!
    I am using essential oils for my skin care routine. However, I find it difficult to apply mineral make up (concealer, loose powder foundation and bronzing powder) right after even if I wait so that the oils penetrate. It seems the make up does not blend well and my skin seems drier than usual. Do you have any advice on how to manage both get a flawless result?
    Thank you for sharing your tips!

    • Hi! I have a tip for you. Try to apply some oil on your skin and then wipe with a cotton pad soaked with some rosewater. Or you can also blot the excess off with a tissue if you don’t have rosewater. Even a cotton pad soaked with water would do the trick here. The point is to remove any excess oil that is just sitting on the surface of your skin and is preventing the powder from sticking. Since I’ve started doing it recently, it’s been so much easier to apply powder. Try it! xx

  5. Nice job, Vita! I loved it! You are such a beautiful women and an inspiration to me. Thanks for your website and your videos. They are helping me to try to resolve my own acne problems, and to lead a healthier life.

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