October Blog Focus: Bye-Bye Acne Hello Radiant Skin

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Wow, time flies! It’s already October. Luckily, where I live, the weather is still great. October is also the month of my birthday. Yay!

Without further ado, let me share the news. I have decided to introduce a blog focus for every month from now on. I hope this will enhance my readers’ experience and will bring more value to my blog.

A monthly blog focus means that we’ll be talking about all the different categories but they will all be linked to the main theme in one way or another. I promise it’s going to be exciting and we’ll learn a lot together!

What’s the Blog Focus for October?

We’re all going to be saying bye-bye to acne and hello to radiant skin! As I started How To Get Rid of Acne Series last month, I will bring you the last two parts of the series – 10 Tips for Clear Skin and My Morning and Evening Skincare Routine. Keep an eye out for those!

Don’t have problems with acne? No worries! Most of the tips will be useful for anyone interested in having healthy and radiant skin. We’re all interested in that, aren’t we?

Or you can always share the posts with friends and family who do struggle with acne. Share the knowledge and help them free themselves!

So What Kind of Articles Are Coming Your Way in October?

Just a few examples:

  • Salad Your Way to Clear Skin
  • Bye Bye Acne Hello Radiant Skin with OCM
  • Exercise Your Way to Acne Free and Radiant Skin
  • Why an Epidemic of Over-Exfoliation Might Be Damaging Your Skin
  • 10 Tips How To Not Let Acne Take Over Your Life

And of course let’s not forget the two remaining parts of How To Get Rid of Acne Series that I mentioned above.

What do you think of the blog focus for October? What would you like me to focus on next month? 

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  1. Love it..now I know what articles I am going to read this month. Also thanks for the avocado oil..my skin loves it. So does my suitcase…one bottle instead of 3 different types of lotion.

    • So happy you like the avocado oil! 🙂 Just as much as I love olive oil. Even my hands are so soft every morning after applying it to my face at night. Hope you’re enjoying Ibiza!

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