30-Day No Raw Salad Challenge (Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine)

For the last three years, I’ve been methodically isolating things I’ve changed since adopting a “healthy lifestyle” and eliminating them for 30 days just to see what it was that sent my body into a spiral of bad health. This time I’m eliminating raw salads and big raw dishes for 30 days.

I still eat easily digestible raw fruit and occasional raw tomatoes, cucumber, or bits of carrot, but I’m not forcing myself to eat a large raw salad every single day anymore.

Here’s the video where I explain it all in detail:

I’m touching on the following topics in the video:

  • Why I decided to start the challenge
  • Why it takes a lot of energy to digest cold food
  • “Read Your Face” – a book that impressed me
  • Liver line and its meaning
  • Chinese Traditional Medicine and its take on face reading
  • What I eat on this challenge
  • Will it become a permanent feature in our lifestyle?

I’m halfway through the challenge and I feel liberated! My digestion is working like a clock and I’m full of energy. I’m super regular, too.

It’s time to challenge what the media and modern “food gurus” tell us. Listen to your own body! If eating raw food doesn’t agree with your belly, listen to your belly and cook your food and see if it makes a difference!

If you’d like to join the challenge, let me know how it goes in the comments or in my social media (I’m always on Facebook and Instagram). If you know someone who you think forces themselves to eat too much raw food and struggles, share this video with them. Perhaps we can change their mind!

Here’s a great, warming soup recipe that I posted the other day. It’s perfect for the 30-Day No Raw Salads challenge and I love Chinese cabbage!

I also made a new batch of sauerkraut today and filmed the process, so in around 5 days you can expect the recipe video. Sorry it took me so long, but trust me, it’s worth it because this sauerkraut recipe is so good and so easy! 😉

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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  1. Being a Vata raw foods are not an option most of the time. I remember my parents forcing me to eat raw apples and me complaining they gave me terrible stomach aches. They thought I was lying because I didn’t enjoy the taste and they assured me it was impossible for an apple to make me ill cause apples are one of the healthiest foods & one of the better ones to fix an ill gut (“an apple a day… keeps my stomach mad, dudes”). Now I eat 1 raw carrot & 1 banana a day and most days this is my only raw food intake. If I’m feeling well I will eat a seasonal fruit or a little salad, but not every day. One of my fave foods is gazpacho but I can’t digest it so I eat it like once a year. So thank you very much for this! 🙂

    • Yes, my parents also didn’t believe that apples were making me sick. 🙂 Strangely enough, I dislike gazpacho. I tried it a few times and each time I nearly threw up. A soup must be warm, people! Cold ones don’t work. 🙂 xx

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