13 Months Off The Grid, 10 Valuable Lessons

We survived for 13 months off the grid: no generators, no solar energy, no cheating. Our existence was made possible by public libraries, friends’ help, local shops who let us freeze our ice blocks in their freezers, and of course the amazing battery of my laptop with 3 priceless hours of movies that saved our sanity during cold winter nights.

The experience was crazy and way too long. It also cost us a fortune. But it also taught us lessons.

They say habits die hard and when habits are formed for 13 months, they become like second skin. After nearly 2 months of normal life, we’re still getting used to having electricity.

Sometimes I still catch myself going to the bedroom to pick up carrots from the DIY fridge.

This video is all about the things and habits we took from this crazy experience. If apocalypse ever comes, we know how to survive!

Sort of…

If you’re new to my blog, you can watch this video to find out why we were tortured for so long.

Simply yours,

Vita xx

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