10 Ways To Increase Dopamine Naturally and Get More Motivated + Signs of Low Dopamine

Dopamine is a motivation neutrotransmitter, but it does so much more than just keep us motivated. Ability to feel pleasure, feel emotions, and connect with other people, the way you react to stressful situations, and even weight loss all rely on correct dopamine levels.

As I’ve been talking about cortisol and stress lately, it’s important not to leave behind another important piece of the puzzle that goes with high stress: low dopamine.

In this video, I’m sharing a few different signs of low dopamine that will help you recognise it and also 10 ways to increase your dopamine and your motivation naturally.

Hope you find this information helpful!

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Disclaimer: my videos aren’t meant to give medical advice, treat, or diagnose. All I do is share everything I learn during my own healing and self-improvement journey. Please do your own research before trying anything and remember to always make well informed decisions because knowledge is power.

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