Let’s Talk It Through: Dealing With Perioral Dermatitis And Other Vata Issues

Answes to readers' burning questions

I’ve decided to start a new series of blogposts where I would be answering questions from you, guys. I get so many of them and I think that these questions and answers would be interesting and useful for so many of you. So why not share my answers on the blog and we can all […]

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My Top 9 Inspirational Books (For Mind, Finances, and Body) + My Winter Favorites

Grow As Big As A Giant With These 9 Inspirational Books For Mind Body, and Finances

I believe that nothing in life stands still for a long time. It either grows or shrinks. Improves or deteriorates. Water spoils when it’s standing still, but will stay fresh if it’s constantly moving. Businesses achieve great success, but start failing as soon as they fall asleep on the laurels and stop innovating. Our mind […]

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Super Nutritious Veggie Bowl Recipe

Easy, quick and super healthy recipe with adzuki beans and tons of veggies

I have a recipe for you! But firstly let me tell you this: I feel like I’ve been out of touch with you, guys. Too much for my liking. So I really wanted to share some of my life with you in a video again, like in the good old times. Luckily, Mr Jimmy expressed […]

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How To Enjoy Life More: 6 Habits For A Happier And More Relaxed You

How To Enjoy Life More: 6 Habits for a Happier and More Relaxed You

So many of you have been asking how we manage to stay so calm and positive… and happy, despite all the hiccups with the electricity. Well, this video is my answer. Despite everything, we are very happy and we’re thoroughly enjoying life and each other. Last Sunday I sat down and compiled a list of […]

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A Crazy Corruption Story, Two Months Without Electricity + DIY Fridge Tour

where-have-i-been-two-months-without-electricity thumbnail smaller

  I thought it was time to record a new video. A little uIt’s been two months! The electricity hasn’t come back, but I simply can’t wait any longer. I don’t want you, guys, to forget me completely, so here I am! Brace yourselves for the reality of living without electricity in the 21st century. […]

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Christmas Is Here!


Just wanted to wish you all a peaceful, warm and cozy Christmas! I really hope you’ll have an amazing time with your most beloved people and the most gorgeous food. We are still living without power, so it won’t be the best Christmas ever, but we’re trying to stay positive. I promised to myself that […]

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Awakening The Giant Within Myself Despite More Than 3 Weeks Without Power

Awakening Giant Within Myself: My Positive Transformation

Today, I feel happy. We’re still living without power. Nothing has changed. We don’t have any more reasons for happiness than a few weeks ago. But something in my mind has changed profoundly. I’m simply content. Negative thoughts are almost non-existent and if they try to raise their head, I simply banish them. It even […]

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Two Weeks Without Electricity + Hiking To A Secluded Beach

Flowering Almond Trees

  We’re still living without electricity, and I’m dying to give you all an update. I know this is not what I would usually write, but, not being able to use the computer at home and paying a fortune to the local Internet cafes, I’ll try to at least share the last week or so […]

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Living Without Electricity And How Strangers Help When Friends Don’t

Living without electricity

    Yup, this is what my office looks like right now. And no, it’s not glamorous. We’re still living without electricity, and it’s been 10 days now. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be, but it’s freezing washing ourselves with cold water and I hate not being able to work. Both […]

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60-Day Gluten-Free Challenge Results + 7 Tips On How To Re-introduce Gluten

60-Day Gluten-Free Challenge Results + 7 Tips

I went gluten-free for 60 days recently, and I really wanted to give you an update. These are all the things I learned throughout this challenge. I’m also sharing my top 7 tips on how you can make peace with gluten containing foods.

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