Why I Quit The Paleo Diet After 1 Year: A Woman’s Perspective

20 Reasons Why I Quit The Paleo Diet After 1 Year - A Woman's Perspective

These are the 20 reasons why my husband and I quit the Paleo diet exactly a year ago. I’m grateful to it for showing me the beauty of whole foods, but it has also damaged my body pretty bad. As time passed, my thoughts crystallized and I was able to work out the best kind […]

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Health Shop Haul: Superfoods For Summer (Chlorella, Milk Thistle, Goji)

Health Shop Haul of Amaxing Superfoods For Summer Season

I posted this video a while ago and then life happened (our kitten Mikey died) and I never had a chance to post it on the blog, so I’ll do it now. I was so excited about all of the things I got from my health shop a couple of weeks ago that I decided […]

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Kitten Mikey Has Gone To Heaven, But Life Goes On In Unexpected Ways

My Kitten Has Died But Life Continues

There is always sunshine after every single storm. Just wait it out with a heart wide open. Mikey went to heaven 10 days ago and it was the most difficult time in our lives. Not only did we have to accept our defeat in trying to cure him, but we also had to deal with […]

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Eggplant, Potato, and Mushroom Salad Recipe – Umami At Its Best!


Balanced, bursting with flavours, pure umami, satisfying, decadent, surprisingly easy… This eggplant, potato, and mushroom salad is all of that and more. The other day I posted a photo of a very special salad on my Instagram account (if you aren’t following me there already, you should!) and a few of you wanted to know […]

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Pharmaceutical Industry Poisoned My Cat + Tips For Natural Flea and Tick Remedies

How pharmaceutical industry poisoned my kitten + tips for natural flea and tick remedies

Hello guys! Long time no see! Can I just say this electricity situation is driving me nuts? I can’t deal with it anymore. It’s been exactly 6 months and we still have at least a few weeks to wait. I’ve posted a new video a couple of days ago and I really wanted to post […]

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5 Ways To Eat Porridge and Never Get Bored Again (5 Easy Breakfast Recipes) + A Little White Update!

5 Easy Breakfast Recipes: 5 Ways To Eat Porridge And Never Get Bored

Today, we’re going to talk about the best breakfast in the world: porridge! It’s a true nutritional powerhouse, it tastes delicious, keeps you full for hours, gives you steady energy, balances blood sugar, helps clear your skin… I could go on forever. However, if you eat the same thing every single day, it can get […]

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11 Amazing Things I’ve Been Loving This Spring

11 spring favourites that have transformed my beauty routine, body, and mind

I said to Luca the other day that in the last few weeks I’ve learned more and made more discoveries than in the whole year (or even more). These 11 things sum up a big chunk of those discoveries. I love all these products to bits and I think you, guys, deserve to know about […]

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DIY Weight Loss Drink (Regulate Blood Sugar, Kidney Function, and Digestion)

DIY Weight Loss Drink (Regulate Blood Sugar, Kidney Function, and Digestion)

Bikini season is round the corner, and this little drink is one of my favorite secret tools. It has only two ingredients (bay leaves and cinnamon). It’s super easy to make. But most importantly, it helps me feel so much better overall. You’ll feel and look leaner, your digestion will work better, you’ll be more […]

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4 Easy Real Food Recipes | What I’ll Eat For Easter

4 Easy and Healthy Easter Recipes

These four recipes are exactly the type of food I like eating in spring when the weather is warmer and I crave something fresh and light. I’ve even included a little, super easy dessert recipe for you! It’s literally spring in a glass. The very special spring celebration of Easter is round the corner, and […]

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Improve Eyesight With 6 Exercises: 11 FAQ’s and Troubleshooting

Improve Eyesight Naturally With 6 Eye Exercises: 11 FAQs and Troubleshooting

I wish everyone on this Earth knew that it is possible to improve eyesight naturally with 6 simple exercises. If you missed the original post, read it here. Even if some people may not be able to achieve perfect vision, isn’t it worth at least seeing some improvements or stopping the gradual weakening of the […]

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